A Beginners Guide to Replica Sneakers online

Replica sneakers are a copy of the original branded sneakers. Sure, the replicas are not perfect, and they have only up to 95% of the DNA of authentic sneakers. But they are popular and in demand. Why? Well, the simplest reason is their price.

Yes, the Replica sneakers are available only for a few hundred dollars that offer almost the same quality as the original counterparts. On the other hand, authentic sneakers are available for thousands of dollars. So, those who don’t want to spend that amount on shoes, like me, buy replicas. That’s just one reason why replica sneakers exist.

Grades of Replica Sneakers

Replica sneakers have many grades, and not all are good in quality. Let’s check the grades and the qualities of the replica grades:

AAA: This grade is considered the lowest. Why? Because it uses the cheapest materials that don’t last long and don’t provide any comfort. At the same time, for those who are looking for detailing, color, and style, it’s not for you guys. And it won’t last a month, this much low this grade is.

Super Perfect: It’s considerably better than the AAA grade. That’s because the materials used to manufacture this grade replica are better. These replica sneakers last longer than AAA-grade reps. It provides comfort, not much like high-quality ones, but better than the previous one. It has good style and detailing.

Super Max Perfect: This grade contains good quality replica sneakers that use good materials, which provide good comfort. It has style, detailing, and color tone. But it has some major flaws, but one can wear them. It will last longer than the Super Perfect grade.

Unauthorized Authentic: The best quality rep uses the best materials, and you can put your money into this. It only has a few flaws, and its detailing and other aspects are similar to the real ones. It will last for years because of the quality of this grade.

1:1: It’s considered the greatest-grade replica sneaker. That’s because the materials used to make this rep are the same as those used in the original counterparts. So, the quality will be the same too. Sure, it does have some minor flaws so that it can avoid lawsuits. But overall, this grade is the one that you should choose. It lasts almost like the original one or close to that time period.

True 1:1: This grade is considered the god-grade rep sneakers. That’s because it not only uses the same materials as the original ones, but its manufacturer is the same company that manufactures the original sneakers.

Where to Buy Replica Sneakers?

You can’t possibly buy rep sneakers directly from the factory. You have to buy from the sellers. Now, let me be clear that; almost all the rep sneakers are manufactured in China, and the retailers get them first and sell them to the sellers who sell them to customers.

So, all the sellers get the same thing from the same entity. That’s why you won’t have to worry about the seller’s quality. Worry about the grade instead.

But not all the sellers provide reps at the same price. You should buy them from a seller who sells them at the lowest price. Don’t know anyone who provides rep sneakers at the lowest price? You can contact chan-sneaker.com.


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