10 Best Courses to Learn English in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the home of the English language, the place where this great and now known international language English arrived. Not only learning English but also being fluent is a staple in modern English, it is a skill everyone must learn. If you are in the UK but not from the UK that probably means you are not a native English speaker. If you are interested in learning English you are in the right place today. Cause we are about to present to you the 10 best courses to learn English in the United Kingdom.

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  1. British Council

The British Councill is a British organization founded in 1934 that specializes in international cultural and educational opportunities. British Councill works in over 100 countries to work on the English language and its expansion. It has many courses available from basic English to IELTscoyrseIt’s best-known for its IELTS course which starts at $881 annually. 

  1. LSI

LSI is a British educational company that started in 1965 and ever since then has expanded to over 16 countries and teaches in 7 schools around the world. The main offer language study but they also offer guidance for exam prep and career opportunities. It’s a great place to excel in your English. LSI offers you to choose from 30+ programs, starting from $500 for 3 weeks.

  1. ESL

ESL ( English as a Second Language) is an English school that primarily targets teaching English to non-native speakers. They have courses starting from the kindergarten stage and classes for learners of different levels. You just have to find the correct course for you and get started on the course learning English. Its 10-14 week program fees are $2500-$3000.

  1. Kaplan International

Kaplan International is a part of Kaplan. inc that has a connection with over 40 universities worldwide and prepares more than 20,000 students per year for university admission. It was founded back in 2005. It also provides English and a few other language courses that you need to check out. It starts at $8750 per course.

  1.  Learning English in Yorkshire and the Humber – LEYH

LEYH is a great platform that provides English language education to the migrated citizens in Yorkshire and Humber. It offers you, classes, both online and offline and you can pick your classes based on your location and even customize them. They even provide childcare to parents during class horse is necessary. It’s a great place for learning English and surprisingly it offers completely free courses.

  1. BBC

BBC Learning English is a division of BBC that offers to teach English, with exams, games, quizzes, and much more. BBC offers classes based on your age and level and it has different types of courses from which you can pick the one suitable for you. Like the 6-minute courses, long-term courses, and intermediate English. It’s all based on their app and website and it’s completely free.

  1. BSC Manchester

BSC Manchester is from Manchester, England and it’s teaching English since 1992.  This institute offers high-quality English courses with courses being accredited directly by the British Council, EAQUALS, and ISI. It’s also the center for the exams at Cambridge University. For Bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D. degree students (international) the fees per year are $23,500.

  1. Westbourne Academy

Westbourne Academy is based on the south coast of England. It offers you courses in the English language and also studies opportunities for British culture enthusiasts. Their courses are fully accredited by the British Council and ever since they became a part of the New City College in 2016, their students can reach for higher education with their course credit. It starts from $200 per week.

  1. The Burlington School of English

The Burlington School of English was founded in 1990 and they aim at providing quality English classes and a wide range of applicable knowledge in English in their courses. They also have all sorts of facilities, hostels, and even higher education courses. They claim to be one of the best institutions in the UK for teaching English. Their courses start from $200 per week.

  1. ETC International College

ETC International College is a Bournemouth-based English teaching institute that was founded in 1990. It offers many different types of courses according to your requirements. ETC College has adult English courses, JUnior English courses, and even higher education opportunities. And all of their courses are fully accredited by the British Council. ETC’s standard courses start at $223 per week.


Now that you know about some of the best places to learn English, our fellow Englishman don’t forget to consider and pick the correct place for you. We hope that this helps you pick on your path of learning English.  Also, are you interested in learning a language for an extra skill? How about learning it from professional tutors online? Sounds great, right then, be sure to visit AmazingTalkers.com to learn the language of choice, with 104+ choices. What are you waiting for then, visit AmazingTalkers.com today!