10 Best Proxy sites for safer browsing of videos

Are you worried about privacy concerns while browsing on online platforms? Do not stress about it because you are not the only one facing this issue. To reduce this stress, one can give preference to proxy sites. These sorts of places are considered by those masses who want to explore the blocked websites without any investment. 

The proxy websites depend upon the proxy servers to translate the traffic and provide a great way to access the blocked content. Whenever you want to access the blocked website for downloading the videos, you can consider the proxy site. Along with it, there are different proxy sites available on the online platform. 

Among all these sites, here comes the list of the best eight proxy sites that you can consider: 

  1. The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay is an ideal proxy site for the users. There is no need to worry about its installation process. You can easily install it without facing any security issues. It is the best mode if you want to explore the blocked content without revealing your identity. 

Additionally, its security features make it the best and unique from other proxy sites. Aside from it, users can click here to get more knowledge about The Pirate Bay proxy site.

2. KProxy 

Another proxy site that you can consider is the KProxy. The striking feature of the KProxy is that users do not need to invest a single penny in using it. It will change your IP address when you access the blocked websites. As a result, your identity will hide. 

3. Whoer.Net

It is the VPN provider and provides a free web proxy. You can consider this proxy for changing the IP address and resolving the issue of geo-restrictions. There are two things that you need to know about the Whoer. 

These things include it does offer the services across the countries. Including it, you will have to download the anonymizer tool for changing the IP address

4. Hide. me

Hide. me provides a secure experience and maintains users’ privacy. They utilize secure services that do not log the data of any user. It has two significant extensions that include chrome and firefox. The major drawback of this site is that you cannot access the block content of the US, UK, or any other country aside from Germany, Netherlands, and Finland.

5. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy Free Web Proxy - Chromebeat

If you are looking for a user-friendly proxy site, you must use CroxyProxy. It comes with enhanced security, permanent SSL encryption, and so on. Additionally, you will get the permalink of those websites you explore to download the movies. You can consider this proxy site whether you have Android or Chrome OS.

6. 4EverProxy 

Do you want to access the videos on YouTube? If so, you can consider the 4EverProxy site. It has an enormous variety of servers that are fast and reliable. When you use this proxy site, you do not need to worry about your privacy. 

Additionally, you will get customization options too. You have the option 

deactivating the cookies, and so on. 

7. Privoxy 

As it works on a non-profitable model, you can hope that they will show concern for the privacy and security of the users. Keep the one thing in mind that you will have to download its software to run this software. It comes with various security features. It has an ad blocker so that you can use it independently.

8. TurboHide

The major highlight of this proxy site is that it comes with browsing customization options. On the other hand, it has a drastic interface that does not have any logo. Additionally, it has outdated graphics. When it comes to its features, you can also work on deactivating the cookies, objects, and scripts. 

9. VPNBook

It does offer not only free proxy services but also free VPN services. It comes under the category of safest IP changer as it uses 256-bit SSL encryption. It is a fast and reliable site where you can consider watching videos from blocked websites.

Whether you want to load Netflix or any other platform, you can access it fastly. 

10. NewIPNow

NewIPNow.com: Buy Self-Service Private Proxies From $0.88/IP

You will have to pay to get the benefits of their services. You can pay for the immense servers. Additionally, the cost of servers relies on how many servers you will choose. The pricing tiers come with different options, including configurable location, easy set-up, and unlimited bandwidth. Along with it, you can also take the benefit of no speed restrictions and many more. 

Final Verdicts

These are the best proxy sites that have unique features. To choose the elements, you need to understand your requirements, like from which website you want to see videos. Due to it, you will narrow down your line and select the best proxy site. You can choose whether the free and paid proxy sites