Vikram Vedha director duo Pushkar and Gayathri took to social media to share the first look of Hrithik Roshan from their upcoming film on Roshan’s 48th birthday today. It’s an understatement to say that Hrithik looks dapper in this still. According to https://way2ott.com/ Vedha is played by Hrithik Rohan in the police drama. In case you’ve never heard of it, Vikram Vedha is a Hindi remake of the Tamil blockbuster of the same name, directed by the director duo.

R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi starred in the 2017 Tamil film Vikram Vedha, which was directed by Vikram. Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan will play Madhavan and Sethupathi in the Hindi version.
Social media has been buzzing all day with Hrithik Roshan’s first look. And that’s just fine. As interest grows in the Hindi remake, we’ve compiled a list of ten things to know.

1. Based on an Indian folk tale called Baital Pachisi, Vikram Vedha is an action-packed thriller (internationally known as Vikram-Betal). According to Baital Pachisi, the plot of the book centres on King Vikramaditya’s quest to retrieve a corpse haunted by a spirit known only as Betal. King Vikramaditya’s wit is put to the test by the ghost, who tells tales and asks probing questions.

2. In the Hindi remake, the elusive Vedha (Hrithik Roshan) tells three stories to Vikram (Saif Ali Khan), which will make him question who is wrong and who is right. These tales reshape our understanding of what is good and what is bad.

3. Director Pushkar and producer Gayathri will also direct the remake. As a result, the goal remains unchanged. A successful Hindi adaptation of Vikram Vedha is possible if all the pieces fall into place.

4. Vikram Vedha is a hero in the world of Kollywood. The success of the film was largely due to the outstanding work of its leading actors. Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan may be able to duplicate the feats of R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in the near future.

5. Hrithik’s appearance in Vikram Vedha isn’t all that different from his previous roles. It seemed like Vijay Sethupathi was having a lot of fun with his salt-and-pepper look in the original.

Vikram Vedha is a reimagining of the 2017 Tamil film of the same name. Pushkar-Gayathri, the well-known director duo, has directed this action/thriller. YNOT Studios, Plan C Studios, and Reliance Entertainment are behind the film’s production.

The lead actors are Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan. Radhika Apte, Rohit Saraf, Yogita Bihani, and Sharib Hashmi are among the supporting cast members of the film. A folk tale called “Vikram Aur Betaal” is the inspiration for this film. Production is scheduled to begin in October of 2021. In March of this year, the remake was officially announced. As the film was shot during the pandemic, it faced many difficulties, but it was eventually completed.

The film’s makers and actors shared their experiences and excitement for the film’s release on social media as the film came to an end and wrapped up production.
On Twitter, Hrithik Roshan shared images from the set and talked about the fun he had while shooting.

“Pushkar & Gayatri are quite a dynamic duo with great creative energy and it’s been very rewarding working with them,” Saif Ali Khan said in a statement. A complete icing on the cake and elevating experience for me was working with Hrithik and doing some intense action scenes”

According to some media reports, Hrithik refused to film in Uttar Pradesh, so the producers had to build a set that looked like Uttar Pradesh in the United Arab Emirates. Critics have already voiced their displeasure with the film, which wrapped up production just a few days ago.

According to a statement from Reliance Entertainment, the film’s co-producer, the actor made no such requests and the film was shot exclusively in India’s state of Madhya Pradesh. “Misleading” was also used to describe the media reports.

Tamil film Vikram Vedha is being remade with Saif Ali Khan playing Vikram in the lead role. It’s no secret that R Madhavan prefers Hrithik to Saif in the film. Bollywood Hungama spoke with Madhavan, and he said: “I’m not going to be very diplomatic in my response to your question. While Hrithik Roshan’s looks are fantastic, I’m most excited about Saif’s performance because he’s playing my character. Whether he’ll win or not, I’m curious to see how convincing he can make it “As a matter of fact,. Many people have remarked on Saif’s transformation into Vikram.

Vikram Vedha, a 2017 Tamil film starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, is a remake of the original. Other supporting cast members included Shraddha Srinath, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rajkumar and more. It made $546,792 dollars worldwide, according to IMDb, on a budget of $150,000,000. As a result, it won 12 awards and was nominated for 13 additional honours..

In addition to the Tamil version, the film has been dubbed into other languages, such as Hindi, Telugu, and more. Zee 5 and MX player both have the movie available. You can watch the film on these platforms for free if you haven’t seen it yet. It has an IMDb audience score of 8.2 and a plot summary that reads, “Vikram, a tough cop, is on the prowl for Vedha, a smuggler and murderer, with the help of Simon, his partner. A rift develops between Vedha and Vikram as a result of her attempts to alter the course of the latter’s life “As a matter of fact,

Even just seeing Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, two of India’s most beloved actors, on screen together is an experience in and of itself. Even though filming has wrapped, anticipation for the film’s release is high. As a result of the film’s many controversies, the film’s makers made headlines every day.

On Friday, the makers of the Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan-starring action film “Vikram Vedha” announced that filming had wrapped up. ‘Vikram aur Betal,’ a well-known Indian folktale, is the inspiration for this action/crime thriller.

Is about a tough cop (Khan) who sets out to find and capture a dangerous criminal (Roshan). An adaptation of the 2017 Tamil blockbuster starring R Madhavan as a cop and Vijay Sethupathi as a gangster is slated for release in Hindi.

The original film was directed by Pushkar and Gayatri, a husband-and-wife team. To play Vedha, Roshan said he had to break free of the hero stereotype and venture into uncharted territory.
“Becoming Vedha was an experience unlike any other. As an actor, I had to break out of the ‘hero’ mould and venture into territory that had never been explored before. I had the distinct impression that I was nearing the end of my education as I travelled. Pushkar and Gayatri kept me on a treadmill, silently encouraging me to break new ground, despite my reluctance “The actor, 48, made the announcement in a statement.

Khan and Yogita Bihani, Roshan’s co-stars, are credited with helping to bring out the best in him. “With hindsight, I can see that Saif Ali Khan’s Vikram was a major influence on my development as Vedha. He’s awe-inspiring in every way “Then he said something.

Working with Pushkar and Gayatri has been a rewarding experience, according to Khan. “It’s been a pleasure working with Pushkar and Gayatri, a dynamic duo with a lot of creative energy. Working with Hrithik and doing action scenes with him was a complete icing on the cake and an elevating experience for me “said the star, who is 51 years old.
The directors gushed about their time working with Roshan and Khan, saying it was an exhilarating experience. “We’ve been able to achieve the script’s vision thanks to our super talented and amazing cast and crew. In the meantime, we’ll be preparing for the premiere of our film “a joint statement from the filmmakers stated.

Vikram Vedha began filming in October 2021. Filming took place in Abu Dhabi, Lucknow, and Mumbai, among other places. On the other hand, it has a promising cast that includes Sharib Hashmi and Satyadeep Mishra.

Gulshan Kumar, T-Series Films, and Reliance Entertainment are producing “Vikram Vedha,” which is also distributed by Friday Filmworks and YNOT Studios. S Sashikanth and Bhushan Kumar are the producers. On the 30th of September, it will be released theatrically all over the world.