11 Best Bottle Drying Racks To Keep Them Clean And Dry In 2022

11 Best Bottle Drying Racks To Keep Them Clean And Dry In 2022

These bottle drying racks can store clean, wet bottles of any size easily and safely.

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Keep your youngster’s taking care of jugs perfect and dry with our rundown of the best container drying racks. At the point when you have a child at home, you really want a few jugs to store bosom milk or equation for taking care of at customary stretches. Hence, you want to wash and disinfect these jugs over the course of the day to save them spotless and prepared for use, adding to your day to day tasks. The jug drying racks can assist with drying these containers rapidly and keep them coordinated and away from different utensils to keep up with cleanliness. They keep mold from framing and microbes from reproducing inside those jugs to guarantee your kid’s wellbeing.

Besides, these racks are accessible in different sizes and plans and don’t take a lot of room in your kitchen. Thus, look down to dive deeper into the recorded items to pick one that addresses your issues.

1. Best Flexible:Philips Avent Drying Rack

Avent Drying Rack

Philips Avent Drying Rack won’t take a lot of room on your kitchen counter, because of its smaller plan. It highlights evaporating prongs that can hold to 8 taking care of jugs of any size. These drying prongs are removable and can be sorted out in light of your inclination. Look at the itemized survey of the item in this video.


Durable and adaptable

Can be utilized to air dry other child extras

Highlights a separable dribble plate to handily deplete water

Can be dismantled and put away when not being used

Open plan permits jugs to air dry


May not be sufficiently strong to dry glass taking care of containers

2. Best Simple To Clean:Boon Yard Ledge Drying Rack

Shelter Yard Ledge Drying Rack

One of the most outstanding container drying racks, this grass-style drying rack by Aid, will be a charming and fun expansion to your kitchen space. This 2-piece configuration incorporates a top rack to hold all the child containers and extras in an upstanding position and a base plate that gathers overabundance water.


Can hold things of any shape and size

Simple to clean with cleanser and water

Made without BPA, PVC, and phthalates

Strong and adaptable plan

Accessible in 2 tones – green and white


May prompt shape develop on the off chance that not cleaned consistently

3. Best Space Saving:Munchkin High Limit Drying Rack

Munchkin High Limit Drying Rack

Keep your kitchen counter mess free with the assistance of this 2-level plastic drying rack. It highlights pivoting plate that give 360° access and level movable stand to oblige jugs and cups of various sizes. It can fit 16 jugs all at once. Watch this video of the item for more data.


Space-saving plan

Appropriate for valves, straws, areolas, siphon frill, and pacifiers

Simple to clean with cleanser and water

Stakes can be collapsed down for simple capacity

Incorporates a removable trickle plate to get water


The depleting plate might be excessively little

4. The Main Years Twist Stack Drying Rack

The Main Years Twist Stack Drying Rack

For when you need to dry numerous taking care of containers and the adornments, Twist Stack Drying Rack settles on for a fantastic decision. It highlights 2 turning levels that are customizable and long stakes that can hold a mix of various child frill, including jugs, areolas, and teethers.


Holds up to 16 containers

Water can be depleted straightforwardly into the kitchen sink

Highlights a discretionary trickle plate to get water

Uses restricted counter space

Sans bpa


The top level may be feeble

Not foldable

5. Best Lightweight:Prince Lion heart Fancy Drying Station

Ruler Lion heart Select Drying Station

This smooth and lightweight drying rack is an extraordinary choice when you need to dry different extras of fluctuated shapes and sizes. Made of polypropylene, this drying rack incorporates 8 huge snares, 10 little snares, and 3 top mesh openings to hold anything from containers to straws.


Enormous snares are intended for jugs and cups

Grind openings are intended to hold utensils and other little kitchen things

Little openings can be utilized for bottle collars, areolas from there, the sky is the limit

Incorporates a base plate to contain overabundance water

Made without BPA, phthalate, and PVC

Plastic and without lead


The wide snares may not be appropriate for standard size bottles

6. Earthy colored’s General Drying Rack

Earthy colored’s General Drying Rack

Ideal for obliging 12 norm or 8 wide-neck bottles, Dr. Earthy colored’s Widespread Drying Rack includes decisively situated posts of differing sizes and little spikes. It is not difficult to set up and can be collapsed down for a helpful stockpiling arrangement.


General plan

Adaptable posts

Incorporates a removable water plate that gathers water

Water can be straightforwardly depleted in the sink

Sans bpa

Simple to clean and dishwasher-safe


The posts may not be adequately durable to hold bottles upstanding

Probably won’t permit wind current and may postpone the drying system

7. Best Spacious:OXO Child Container Drying Rack

OXO Child Container Drying Rack

You will not need to leave your child’s containers and utensils on a towel or kitchen counter to dry any longer. OXO Toddler Jug Drying Rack can fit at least 8 cleaned and sanitized taking care of containers and its parts. This dark rack highlights adaptable prongs that keep the jugs and bosom siphons raised to permit wind stream.


Highlights raised ribs on the lower part of the rack that gathers water

Accompanies additional room in the front to dry little things

Incorporates a separable cup

Top-rack dishwasher-safe


May not be not difficult to clean

Does exclude a water-gathering plate

8. Best Remarkable Design:Boon Branch Ledge Drying Rack

Shelter Branch Ledge Drying Rack

With its remarkable vertical plan, Shelter Twig Ledge Evaporating Rack takes next to no space on your ledge while adding a bit of style to your kitchen. It highlights twigs in various sizes that are appropriate for drying taking care of jugs, sippy cup parts, and other little child embellishments, all while guaranteeing they stay upstanding for drying.


Simple to clean 2-piece plan

Incorporates a removable base plate to gather overabundance water

Can hold up to 6 containers

Branches can be taken out for capacity

Twig bed is great for more modest things

BPA, PVC, and without phthalate


May not be reasonable for weighty or glass bottles

Not dishwasher and microwave-safe

9. Mama’s Partner Channel ‘N Dry Container Drying Rack

Mama’s Partner Channel ‘N Dry Container Drying

This jug drying rack is ideal to be set right next to the kitchen sink. It includes a cascade lip plan that looms past the brink of the sink to take out overabundance water. This helps keep your ledge spotless and clean. Furthermore, it accompanies an adornment drying rack appropriate for little parts.



Highlights pines in shifted sizes

Holds up to 8 jugs, areolas, and cap rings

Incorporates an adaptable fiber brush for cleaning bottles

Simple to wash with cleanser and water


May be unstable for glass bottles

10. Best Simple To Assemble:OLizee Child Container Drying Rack

OLizee Child Container Drying Rack

Is it true or not that you are worried about soil aggregation when you pass on the jugs and its parts to air-dry in the open? Then, at that point, what you really want is a child bottle drying rack with a cover. This plastic rack can fit 6 containers and hold them upstanding for drying, while the removable cover fends residue and takes off.


Incorporates a coordinator box, 6 container drying racks, and 6 multifunctional drying racks

Accompanies a removable cutlery crate

The cover is made of food-grade PP material

BPA and sans phthalate

Simple to set up



Caution: The item isn’t impeccably fixed.

11. Best Odorless:Easycomf Child Jug Drying Rack

Easycomf Child Jug Drying Rack

At the point when you have restricted space in your kitchen, the last thing you need is a huge container drying rack. This one by Easycomf doesn’t take a lot of room on the ledge and gives a lot of room to dry the containers. It is smaller, simple to set up, and dismantle with a different plate and rack holder.


Highlights 12 folding vertical upstanding racks

Sans bpa and scentless

Simple to clean and dishwasher-safe

The plate serves as a food plate

The rack includes a U-opening plan that guarantees water streams into the base

Accessible in 3 tones – highly contrasting, pink, and green


May should be cleaned oftentimes

Before you put resources into a jug drying rack, there are sure factors that you really want to consider. Given underneath are a couple of focuses that could be useful to you.

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