6 Tips to Extend the Life of a Diesel Generator

In this article, we will consider the most popular questions regarding generators before considering different types of diesel generators for sale and give them comprehensive answers. 

So, let’s start.

1. How often is maintenance carried out?

Maintenance of a diesel power generator must be carried out strictly according to the manufacturer’s regulations. Service intervals depend on the brand and model of the installed engine and are usually either 250 or 500 hours. If the generator is used as a backup source of electricity, then maintenance must be carried out every 6 months (provided that the equipment does not have time to accumulate the service interval). It is important to remember that routine maintenance concerns not only the engine, the “heart” of the power generator, but also other electrical and mechanical components.

2. Why do you need maintenance if the diesel power generator is not in operation, but only occasionally serves as a backup source?

Long periods of downtime for the diesel generator engine are unacceptable. The unit must be run at least a couple of times a month for 10 minutes under maximum load, otherwise there is a risk of problems with the power unit: rubbing joints may jam in the engine or process fluids may oxidize.

3. Why is professional installation better?

If the installation of a diesel power generator is not carried out by a qualified specialist, then problems are guaranteed in the further operation of the equipment. According to some statistics, a qualified approach to connection will save owners from most of the problems with operation in the future and increase the life of the diesel generator set by 10-15%. Especially, when we speak about rooftop generators, then a professional approach here may be mandatory.

4. Is it possible to extend the operating period of a diesel power generator before major repairs?

If the resource of a diesel generator is 10 thousand hours, then it can easily be extended to 15 or 20 thousand hours, subject to high-quality, competent and timely maintenance. Power generators based on American or European power units have a “declared operating period” or “useful life” equal to 40-60 thousand hours, depending on the brand and model of the engine. Unlock great savings with our Generator Sale! Power up your home or business with top-quality generators at unbeatable prices

These figures do not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the generator throughout the entire period, but only show that, subject to qualified regular maintenance, the use of original consumables and high-quality fuel, the power generator should work out the declared number of engine hours. That is why we recommend that you use qualified service technicians who specialize in diesel generators and have extensive experience in this area.

5. What is the benefit of concluding a service contract for your diesel generator?

The diesel generator service agreement allows the customer to remove all questions and problems arising during the operation of the equipment. Specialists are engaged not only in scheduled maintenance, but also promptly, if necessary, go to the place of operation if an unscheduled inspection of the generator is required. In addition, any original consumables and spare parts for your brand of equipment will be available to you at any time.

6. How to make the cost of operation as low as possible and reduce the risk of diesel generator breakdown?

Once you have completed the installation of the power generator at your facility, follow our simple recommendations:

  • Allow only qualified and trained specialists to work with the generator;
  • Two times a month, start the diesel generator in test mode under full load;
  • For each maintenance, use only original consumables and technical fluids;
  • During the “break-in” period (the first 50 hours of operation) do not exceed the nominal values of the permissible loads specified in the Passport of the equipment;
  • Keep both the equipment itself and the area around it clean: no dust, accidentally spilled oil, fuel, etc.;
  • Strictly follow the basic safety rules.

By applying these simple rules, you can significantly increase the life of the power generator.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of a diesel generator set, you can always contact our company and get a free professional consultation from qualified service engineers.