7 Things an Employment Lawyer Has to Offer

If you’ve never worked with an employment lawyer before, you may not exactly be sure about what this type of attorney has to offer. In short, the services they can provide and the cases they can take on are varied and beneficial to all parties in employment. The information below will help learn about the services they can offer you as either an employee or an employer.

7 Things an Employment Lawyer Has to Offer

1. They Can Explain Rights

Both employers and employees have certain rights. Employment lawyers in Kansas City MO can explain the rights of all parties in an employment situation to ensure everyone is treated fairly and in adherence to the law.

Employers and employees must not violate each other’s rights, so it would be a good idea to contact an attorney to help you understand both your own and the other party’s rights in any employment situation you’re in.

2. They Can Enforce Employer Compliance 

Employers must remain compliant with a variety of different laws. Some of these laws are federal laws, while others are anti-discriminatory laws. Employment attorneys can help employers keep up-to-date on all laws and thoroughly understand the anti-discrimination laws that are in place in Missouri.

If an employer has broken any of these laws, then an employee can seek legal aid to have their employer comply with the laws in the future. The attorney can also help the wronged employee take action against the employer or the company if necessary.

3. They Can Help Employees File Complaints

If an employee has a complaint to file against someone within the company they work for, then there are proper legal proceedings they must follow. An employment attorney can educate them on these proceedings and help the employee initiate them correctly.

The employee must first file this complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before they pursue private legal action regarding the complaint, and an employment attorney can walk them through this entire process.

4. They Can Advise and Assist in General Employment Related Lawsuits

Employees may feel they have reason to file a lawsuit against their employer. Common reasons for this include denied benefits, wrongful termination, and discrimination. Employment attorneys can defend employees in such lawsuits and help them understand what kind of settlement they may be entitled to, if any.

Conversely, employers may have reason to file a lawsuit against an employee or former employee for reasons such as defamation. In these cases, an employment attorney can step in to defend the employer who’s been impacted. Essentially, employment attorneys defend any party in a lawsuit regarding an employment-related issue.

5. They Can Defend Both Parties in Wage and Hour Lawsuits

If an employee has not received the compensation they’re entitled to for their work, then an employment attorney can help them open a lawsuit regarding this issue. Wage and hour lawsuits also tackle cases where an employer has refused to pay an employee for overtime, has repeatedly asked an employee to work off the clock, or has misclassified an employee to avoid paying them the overtime rates they’re entitled to.

Employers can seek the help of an employment attorney to help defend themselves during a wage and hour lawsuit initiated by a current or former employee.

6. They Can Handle Employment Class Actions

If an employer has wronged several employees due to a claim such as discrimination, wage and hour issues, or something else, then several employees from a single company may band together to open a class action lawsuit against their employer. Both the group of employees and the employer they’re taking action against will need a top employment attorney to defend them in this lawsuit.

7. They Can Assist with Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employees who have become ill or injured due to their work can file a claim or an appeal to win compensation for their suffering. An employment attorney can help them do this.

Both the employee and the employer they’re making a claim against will need to hire attorneys who will investigate the claim and see if the employee is truly entitled to compensation. Both parties’ attorneys and the employer’s insurance company will then negotiate a settlement if the injured/ill employee is truly entitled to one.

8. They Can Assist with Union Issues

Some employees have the right to form a union, while others do not. An employment attorney can offer advice on whether or not an employee can join or form a union. They can also offer insight into how well the employee’s union activity can be protected.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it’s a good idea to obtain the contact information of an excellent employment attorney. You never when you’ll require legal aid regarding an employment issue. Make sure you protect yourself and your rights within the workplace no matter what position you hold.