7 Useful TikTok Video Tips You Should Try

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms because of its massive library of effects, songs, and videos. It is an impressive and powerful application which is why it remains one of the most influential social media apps today. Users from across the globe can watch, create, and share as many videos as they want. 

Since this app is quick and easy to use, users can edit real videos on-the-fly. Gone are the days when shooting a video required several tools and gears. A smartphone and a little know-how are all it takes to produce fantastic footage. There are various tips and tricks you should know if you want to maximize the use of this app. You may learn how to save a TikTok without the watermark, increase your follower count, or edit amazing videos. Hence, here are some helpful TikTok video tips you should try.

  1. Stabilize Your Camera

Shaky footage results in poor-quality videos. If you want to shoot a professional-looking video, stabilize your camera for the highest quality footage. You have to invest in a tripod or phone stand or set your camera on a sturdy, steady surface to avoid it from moving. 

In case you need to move around, use a selfie stick or keep your arms firmly against your body while holding your smartphone. You can also opt for video stabilization software to fix your shaky videos or use a camera with built-in stabilization when filming. Stabilizing your camera is essential in keeping your videos worth watching as your viewers won’t feel seasick or dizzy when viewing your content.

  1. Shoot from a Flattering Angle

Find the best angles when shooting a TikTok video. Whether it is your face or your surroundings, you should film from a flattering angle. If you are shooting a video of yourself, hold your camera at eye level to make your audience feel like you are talking to them. On the other hand, filming for products or other stuff needs switching from different angles for a dramatic effect. You can also cut from one angle to another to add visual interest to your footage. And whenever you change perspectives, shift by at least 45 degrees.

  1. Use Plenty of Good Lighting

A rule of thumb in photography and videography is to use plenty of good lighting. Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a video. If you don’t use enough light, your footage will be of poor quality. The sun is one of the best light sources for a video. Natural lighting is the key to a great-looking video, but be sure to film in the morning or evening when the light is softer. 

Midday light can cast harsh shadows on your subjects, so make it a point to shoot when the light is more flattering. While you can’t always shoot outdoors, doing it indoors is also possible. Use a ring light or large lamps or film by a window for better lighting. Always remember that you have to place your light sources properly to get the intended effect on your video.

  1. Know the Rule of Thirds

Yet another effective Tiktok video tip is knowing and understanding the rule of thirds. It is one of the most basic principles of film composition. Imagine a 3×3 grid laid over the field where you are shooting; rather than placing your subject right in the middle of the shot, you can put it along one of the lines of the grid. Nonetheless, there is no need to follow this rule all the time, but while you are still learning, it is a good idea to use it most of the time.

  1. Prioritize Clear, Crisp Audio

Like the video quality, the audio quality of your footage is also crucial. Invest in a good microphone and get the best one you can afford. There are many options available to choose from out there, so pick the one that offers high-quality audio. Nobody wants to watch a video with fuzzy, indistinct audio. Thus, do yourself a favor and buy a decent microphone. 

Capture clear audio by placing your microphone near the subject. However, be aware of any background noise the microphone might pick up. Use a pop filter to eliminate crackles and blips on the completed recording.

  1. Choose a Clean Background

Nothing looks more professional than a clean and neat background when filming a TikTok video. Use a solid-colored one to ensure a professional-looking video. A large sheet of backdrop paper, a wall, and a bedsheet are all great options. Be sure that your subject stands several feet away from the backdrop to prevent casting shadows. 

Moreover, it is a brilliant idea to film a video in a professional environment, such as your office or home office. Be careful not to shoot with another reflective surface in the background of your shot. This could inadvertently catch the camera in the reflection.

  1. Utilize Your Smartphone the Right Way

There is nothing to worry about if you do not have a DSLR camera. You can use your smartphone to capture professional videos. Nevertheless, there are some things that you need to keep in mind, like recording in landscape mode, using the back-facing camera, and maximizing the overlay feature, if you have it, when shooting footage. All you need is to use your smartphone the right way, and you are good.


Learning how to create TikTok videos can be fun and interesting. It can help you gain more knowledge about filming videos the proper way. The more professional-looking your videos are, the more brands will benefit from them. It is not easy to do this, for it takes a lot of time, effort, and practice to know everything about it. 

You can step up by applying these basic techniques mentioned above and master them eventually. There is no need to rush everything as you need more time and patience to learn these tips. So, the next time you shoot a TikTok video, don’t forget to do these things!