No matter what line of work you are in, having top-quality equipment is essential. It allows workers to do the best job possible. And in the service industry, offering great equipment makes for an excellent experience for the client, one that can even feel luxurious. 

The same is true when it comes to tattooing. Both the tattoo artist and the client are in their respective chairs for an extended period. And so having a comfortable and adjustable chair that will keep each party supported is of utmost importance. Because a tattoo chair is a significant investment for a tattoo studio, it’s essential to check that the brand you choose is reliable and will work well over a long period. 

This post looks at the features and benefits of the tattoo client chair and other quality tattoo equipment necessary for the tattoo artist to do their best job. 


1. Adjustability

Because of how tattooing is done, tattoo client chairs chair must be adjustable, allowing the tattoo artist access to various angles The chair should be able to tilt up or down at an angle and offer an adjustable headrest. This way, the technician can reach the areas of the body while keeping the client comfortable. Multi-functional chairs will offer tattoo artists the best possible work environment by supplying all their needs in one piece of equipment. Some chairs can have armrests attached or removed easily too, which can be handy. And having a footrest is vital, as it can help prop up a client’s leg if necessary.

Types of adjustable tattoo chairs:

  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic adjustments to height and position are a more fluid sensation for the client instead of asking them to move around while already in the tattoo process. These hydraulic chairs won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. There are many cost-effective and simple hydraulic tattoo chair options available, especially for those just opening a studio. 
  • Electric: Higher-end tattoo chairs are usually with electric motors instead of hydraulic pumps or manual adjustment.  The weight capacity can be up to 485 LBS (200 KG), the thick metal plate and tube frame with laser cutting and robot welding can provide you with a work with high precision.
  • Manual/Portable: Most professional tattoo chairs are heavy duty, either with a hydraulic pump or electric motors. But there’s a type of portable tattoo client chair you can use for door-to-door tattoo service. The chair can be adjusted without hydraulics. It is foldable so it is both convenient to move and can save you space in storage. If you offer door-to-door service to your client, or have a small place or budget, or do a lot of back tattoos, or for any reason you need a portable, lightweight and easy-to-move tattoo client chair, our Folded Tattoo Chair TA5900 is a good choice for you, which is only 49 lbs and can provide all the portability and flexibility to you. 

2. Material

When looking at what material the client’s chair is made of, ensure you find one that is oil and water-resistant. You don’t want the client’s skin to stick on the chair. And if it’s oil and water-resistant, it is also then easier to clean.

3. Comfort

Comfort is imperative for the client, as getting a tattoo can be painful and will often take a long time. You certainly want to look for a padded ergonomic chair so that while sitting or lying down the client is comfortable.


1. Tattoo Workstation

Adding a workstation to your shop gives you the space you need to store and organize your tools. As well as giving you multiple holders for tools, lights, your phone, and other accessories. You can also add a rolling workstation to give you the extra flexibility, mobility, and storage you need.

2. Trolley

Having a place to keep your tools organized is crucial. This will make the process easy to manage and instill confidence in the tattoo artist. And, of course, it will save you time when working with your client. A trolley will help you to align all your processes and ensure you have all the tools you need at the ready. 

3. Artist Stool

Don’t forget about your comfort. Your technician stool is a crucial tool for the job. It’s just as essential to ensure you can work for long hours without feeling sore or uncomfortable. Many stools are available for tattoo artists, from hydraulic with high-density foam and adjustability to a comfortable backrest that will alleviate spine tension – such as TatArtist does. You want to be able to zoot around the client so that you can get exactly the right angle for the job. 

4. Tattoo Armrest / Legrest

Another piece that’s essential for the client is an armrest. It must be adjustable, functional, and provide comfort. Some can be used as leg rests, too, and a portable one is quite handy if you offer door-to-door services. Of course, having a durable or washable cover is best, so it’s easy to clean.

5. Autoclave

Don’t neglect proper hygiene in your studio for both yourself and your client. The best way to ensure your tools are clean and sterilized is by using an autoclave. It can disinfect your tattoo tools and keep them germ-free. Your client will be confident that you are looking after their well-being by ensuring you follow strict hygiene standards. 

With the right tattoo furniture, you will find comfort doing your job, and your clients will feel relaxed throughout their experience. Before stocking your tattoo studio, make sure to consider the features you are looking for in your tattoo equipment. Shop Salon City has a wide range of high-quality tattoo furniture on offer. And remember, the best tattoo chair offers comfort for the client while allowing the technician to do their job well.