Basic Guide Notes For An Aspiring Flight Attendant 

When we were kids, one of the popular dream jobs was being a flight attendant. When we hopped on a plane, we always looked up to them when they gave us guides, served us food, and maybe games they initiated for us to have free gifts on the airlines. They are the ones we call when we need help with our comfort on the plane or when we need food or drinks. Most of the little girls answered Flight Attendant when asked what they want to become when they get older. Flight Attendant is a 4-year course, yet you must master many things to succeed in this career. Many of us think that being a Flight Attendant is easy, but in reality, there are many challenges ahead of you to part in the industry. Here are some introductory guide notes you should remember if you want to be a Flight Attendant someday. 

1. Finish a 4-year course 

Gaining your bachelor’s degree dramatically benefits applying for this job. An employer wants applicants who have finished their education because of their diplomas and awards to know they are fitted for the job. Flight Attendant is a 4-year course, but being part of the cabin crew can take weeks to years depending on your skills, personality, and performance. Everything takes time; don’t resume things and let them flow, don’t let this discourage you from becoming a flight attendant because eventually, you’ll get there. Schools guide us to the basic knowledge in this career, and once you join a training program, your learning will be widened. Education is essential in every job because being known as a graduate will make the airlines think that you are capable of being part of them. 

2. Work with your communication skills 

As a flight attendant, you are responsible for making the passengers comfortable and happy throughout the trip; you must know how to approach them and talk to them nicely. You’re the one they ask for help when they need something such as a pair of socks, a blanket, food, drinks, etc. Having to know how to stay calm and know how to greet the passengers correctly will make you look less intimidating. Airplanes are like their second home when flying, especially if it takes more than five hours to get into a designated country so make sure to give the comfort your passenger needs. 

3. Create an outstanding resume 

It is a competitive world; you must fight to achieve your dream career. Many people are pursuing this industry, and you have to make sure you can get it but remember that being a Flight attendant takes time, not all of us are capable of being fast. Some people are advanced with their knowledge of being a cabin crew; that’s why they’ll get in. Make this an inspiration and motivation for you to work hard and study hard to become a flight attendant. A resume format will also guide writing your resume because it will become neat and organized to please the interviewer’s eyes. Create an incredible resume to wow the interviewer and let them know that you are capable and suitable for the airline you want to get into. 

4. Work experience 

Most airlines consider a person with work experience because they know it will be easier to learn the basic training for their airline program. Hospitality is a vast field; there are many jobs you can experience first before becoming a flight attendant, such as being a server on a cruise, front desk clerk, tour guide, and many more. These experiences will make you gain the interviewer’s trust to consider you to become a flight attendant in their airlines. This will also teach you how to act on the plane and with the passengers, such as greeting them warmly and providing the comfort they need. 

5. Attend a training program 

This is a must and essential in becoming a cabin crew. This will distinguish you if you’re ready to be part of the company or if you still need more training, such as how to open and close the door, perform different medical actions, how to properly serve the food and drinks; you to study foreign languages, Memorize the countries, and many more. Knowing and learning this critical training will help you when flying above because we will never know when a problem occurs or they need someone to assist or support the passengers. That’s why passing this training program will help you pursue the career of being a flight attendant. 


Being a flight attendant is not easy, but you must work hard and smart to be part of this industry. This is a fun and explorable job where you can visit different countries worldwide but still earn. When pursuing this career, ensure you’re secured with it; you must be determined to succeed. You can be a Flight Attendant if you want to; there’s no harm in giving your resume, and who knows, you might have a chance to be part of your dream airline. Be kind and elegant to your passengers and assist them throughout the flight because it is your responsibility to make them feel that they are welcome and safe around you and the plane.