Best Condenser and Vented Tumble Dryers Under £300 (2022 UK)

On the off chance that you don’t have the space or time to dry your garments outside, a tumble dryer is the best approach. Tumble dryers range in cost from around £150 to well over £500. A decent financial plan on the off chance that you’re searching for something reasonable yet solid is £200-£300.

Picking a tumble dryer

Tumble dryers come in two kinds: condenser dryers and vented dryers. Condenser dryers gather the dampness removed from garments into a compartment, which should be discharged consistently. Vented dryers extricate dampness via your pipes, and that implies they are more confounded and costly to introduce.

Programmed: This implies that the dryer utilizes sensors to turn itself off once your garments are dry, consequently saving energy.

Energy productive: Tumble dryers used to be extremely wasteful, however things have worked on significantly as of late. Take a gander at the dryer’s energy effectiveness rating.

Great limit: The limit of tumble dryers is typically given by the heaviness of wet dress they can hold estimated in kilograms. A decent limit with regards to a tumble dryer in the £200-£300 cost range is 8kg.

1. Electra TDC8112B 8 Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Electra’s 8 kg condenser tumble dryer is ideally suited for medium-sized families. The reality this is a condenser model makes it simple to introduce pretty much anyplace in your home, and this is a reasonable choice as well.

In general, the tumble dryer from Electra is a straightforward machine that does the fundamentals all around well. It probably won’t have similar fancy odds and ends as a portion of the more costly models accessible available, however it is as yet the ideal expansion to any home.

This condenser tumble dryer presents incredible incentive for cash, and it is genuinely calm during use as well. In any case, certain individuals in all actuality do find that in light of the fact that the converse activity runs rarely at best, enormous heaps of dress will come out tangled.

2. Beko DTLCE80121W 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

This 8 kg Beko clothes washer is ideal for medium estimated families. This basic condenser tumble dryer is not difficult to utilize while as yet offering incredible execution and being a reasonable cost.

Generally, this tumble dryer from Beko is a modest and merry decision that marks every one of the essential boxes.

Highlights, for example, the blended dry program will save you time when contrasted with running separate burdens for your artificial materials and cotton, and the machine is quite simple to utilize as well.

Nonetheless, it isn’t quite so tranquil as a portion of the others on this rundown, and the absence of an enemy of wrinkle highlight implies you can’t take care of the iron for good right now.

By and large, this is an extraordinary decision for the individuals who need a machine that is easy to work to cover substantial washing loads.

4. Indesit I1D80W UK 8 kg Vented Tumble Dryer

This tumble dryer from Indesit is the ideal size for a medium measured family, and the vented innovation implies that it’s more productive than a portion of the others on this rundown as well.

3 drying programs

Generally, this Indesit vented tumble dryer is an incredible decision for medium estimated families.

The tumble dryer is not difficult to utilize thanks to the basic single dial control. Assuming you really want to tumble dry fragile clothing, you can do as such with this dryer because of the low temperature setting.

Be that as it may, this tumble dryer doesn’t propose as much adaptability as a portion of the others on the rundown as it just has three standard drying programs.

5. Indesit I2D81WUK 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

This 8 kg condenser tumble dryer from Indesit is the ideal decision for families of 3 to 4 individuals. In addition to the fact that it is a reasonable choice, however it likewise profits by the comfort of being a condenser model.

Water tank is at the base, which can be interesting to go after individuals with portability troubles

Working temperature range implies the dryer can’t be utilized in many carports


Generally, this condenser tumble dryer from Indesit is a reasonable decision that offers great execution at the cost point.

The dryer is large enough for the typical medium estimated family, and it even has a cool cycle intended to simply revive clothing.

In any case, this tumble dryer can be genuinely clearly during use, and its working temperature range implies it can’t be utilized in many carports by the same token.

6. Hotpoint H1D80WUK 8Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

This vented tumble dryer from Hotpoint is a straightforward machine intended to take care of ordinary clothing.

With highlights, for example, planning and coordinated drying programs, you can profit from having exact command over your clothing.

Certain individuals find it can require a long investment to dry weighty textures like towels


By and large, this tumble dryer from Hotpoint is a decent, passage level, financial plan cordial tumble dryer. This is a straightforward machine with no cutting edge additional elements and offers genuinely great quality at the cost.

Nonetheless, certain individuals really do find that it battles to dry heavier textures like towels, and it isn’t quite so tranquil as a portion of the others on this rundown all things considered.

7. electriQ EIQFSTD7 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer

The electriQ tumble dryer is an inconceivably reasonable vented tumble drier with a scope of highlights that you will not necessarily in every case find on a careful spending plan model, including hostile to wrinkle modes, and devoted settings for the two fabricated materials and cottons.