Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

#1. Planet of the Vapes ONE

POTV ONE in handAfter auditing many vaporizers, including numerous modest ones, we’ve reached the accompanying resolution:

The POTV ONE is the best vaporizer under $100.

With regards to rating vaporizers, at Herbonaut, we most worth:


fume quality,


unwavering quality, and a couple of different measurements with a piece less weight.

On each of the four of these measurements, the POTV ONE scores high.

However, particularly with regards to extraction speed and fume quality, this vaporizer is essentially as great as mid-range vaporizers costing around $200.

Indeed, the POTV ONE concentrates quick and hits hard. In addition to the fact that this is momentous as a result of its unassuming sticker price…

But on the other hand it’s astounding a result of its size. The POTV ONE is a genuine pocket-vape. It effectively fits inside your pocket without it seeming like a weight. Added advantage of its little size: it’s a careful vape.

One drawback of most hard-hitting little vaporizers is that the fume gets brutal extremely quick, which makes the fume quality endure.

Be that as it may, the POTV ONE keeps the fume acceptably cool in the low-to mid-range temperature settings. Just once you set the temperature above 392°F(200°C).

Furthermore, for those high temperature settings there’s a simple arrangement:

Simply get the small bubbler that is explicitly intended for this vape, for a measly $10.

Utilizing this bubbler, you’ll have the option to wrench up the temperature to the most elevated settings, without breathing in unforgiving fume.

Beside the steady assembling smells when you simply begin utilizing this vape, it’s likewise a protected vaporizer.

It’s produced using top notch materials:

tempered steel warming component,

aluminum bowl,

glass mouthpiece with a touch of plastic.

Additionally the air-way is disconnected from the hardware.

Also, the steady assembling smells come from the plastic part in the mouthpiece. This smell can be scattered by cleaning it well and do a couple of legitimate consume offs before you utilize your POTV ONE.

The main other drawback worth focusing on is that the battery duration isn’t perfect (30 minutes). Also, it isn’t replaceable. This can prompt issues assuming you utilize the ONE for longer periods, while you’re away from a plug.

In the event that you can live with this however, this is the best electronic vaporizer under $100.

#2. VapCap M

Vapcap MIf you’re okay with utilizing a butane light lighter or a different enlistment radiator…

You can’t get a preferable vaporizer under $100 over the VapCap M.

The issue is that many individuals hate utilizing butane light lighters. Furthermore, the issue with the different acceptance radiator is that it detracts from the transportability of the VapCap M.

All things considered, utilizing a butane light lighter isn’t exactly terrible.

A ton of VapCap M clients, including me, come to partake in the entire custom of burning their VapCap M. It’s practically similar to illuminating a joint (yet without the smoke).


What do you get assuming that you’re good with the VapCap M’s warming component?

You get one of the hardest hitting convenient vaporizers, period.

This little vape hits considerably more earnestly than versatile vaporizers with a sticker price of $200+.

It can separate a full bowl of 0.1 grams spice, with under 10 great tears. That is the manner by which quick it removes.

What’s more, the most outstanding aspect?

The fume is smooth and loaded with flavor. Provided that you heat past the midpoint of the tip, close to the open finish of the cap, does the fume get unforgiving.

One colossal wellbeing related advantage of this vaporizer is that it has no warming component.

The VapCap M is all tempered steel.

Your light warms the tempered steel bowl, and the bowl warms the spice.

There’s no battery-fueled warming component included.

This implies there’s no possibility of any warming component off-gassing miniature particles. This doesn’t imply that vaporizers with warming components off-gas miniature particles, however hypothetically they could.

With the VapCap M, there’s no such gamble.

One disadvantage of this vape is that the temperature control isn’t exact in any way. It depends on where precisely you put the light. In any case, you don’t actually have the foggiest idea what temperature you’re vaping at.

Practically speaking, this isn’t that enormous of an arrangement.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re not irritated by utilizing a light lighter or a different enlistment warmer…

#3. XMAX V3 Ace Vaporizer

Xmax V3 ProIf there’s one reasonable vaporizer under $100 that can rival the POTV ONE on each presentation related measurement…

It’s the XMAX V3 Genius Vaporizer.

It’s extraction-speed is a piece lower. It doesn’t hit as hard as the POTV ONE.

In any case, its fume quality is a piece better, particularly on higher temperature settings. The fume isn’t as unforgiving. It’s additionally more straightforward on your throat assuming that you like to take loooong draws. The fume of the XMAX V3 Genius remains acceptably cool, even at the higher temperature settings.

One more advantage of this reasonable vape contrasted with the POTV ONE is that its battery duration is better. Additionally, it has replaceable batteries. So the battery circumstance is better from two significant angles.

How long is the XMAX V3 Genius’ battery duration truly? It’s around 30-40 minutes, contingent upon whether you use on-request or meeting mode. On-request mode results in a somewhat lower battery duration.

What’s the distinction between on-request and meeting mode?

By and large, on-request vaping implies taking anyplace among one and a couple of good tears. While meeting vaping implies constantly enduring shots for 5-10 minutes.

With regards to the XMAX V3 Expert, there isn’t a lot of contrast between these two modes.

In meeting mode, you don’t need to hold the button that enacts the warming component. In on-request mode, you physically need to actuate the warming component by squeezing the button.

In the two cases, hot air possibly gets pulled over your spice when you really draw.

All things considered, since this is a generally little convenient vaporizer, as long as the warming component is on, there will be some brilliant and conductive intensity present.

Hypothetically, in meeting mode, your spice will be presented to a smidgen more intensity than in on-request mode. In any case, this possibly turns out as expected in the event that you take stops between your hits. Furthermore, I saw no distinction in shading in the spice, utilizing both meeting and on-request vape for a persistent 10 minutes. This demonstrates in the event that there’s any failure going in meeting mode, it’s not exceptionally critical.

All things considered, anything that mode you use…

The XMAX V3 Master works with just portions of spice and is perfect for miniature dosing. Practically all vaporizers for miniature dosing are on-request. In any case, this is one of the main convenient vapes that works for miniature dosing in meeting mode.

The reality:

With regards to reasonable vaporizers, the XMAX V3 Genius has a place in the best 3. You actually might contend that it’s the ‘best’ modest dry spice vaporizer. Pick the XMAX V3 Genius over the POTV ONE on the off chance that you esteem swappable batteries and a fume quality more than extraction-speed.

#4. Flowermate V5S

Flowermate ProThe Flowermate V5s was evaluated as our best modest dry spice vaporizer in 2017 and 2018.

Solely after those years, improved vaporizers emerge.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the Flowermate V5s is a terrible vaporizer. It’s as yet an extraordinary reasonable vaporizer.

It’s undeniably greater than the other vapes on the rundown.

In any case, it’s still truly convenient and looks to some degree careful with that container mod vape look.

Of all vaporizers on the rundown, this one has the best battery duration.

This vaporizer has the best battery duration of all versatile vaporizers I’ve at any point tried.

It’s exceptionally simple to utilize. There’s no expectation to absorb information included. It has a huge bowl, so isn’t great for miniature dosing. However, that makes all the better for offering it to companions.

It has a similar convenience and enormous bowl, making this vaporizer exceptionally simple to impart to companions.

It likewise has an exact temperature control framework, in the event that you truly really like to calibrate your temperature to correct degrees in the single digits.

A couple of drawbacks of this vaporizer:

Its fume quality is lower than different choices on the rundown. Furthermore, in light of the fact that it’s an unadulterated conduction and meeting vaporizer, its effectiveness isn’t the best by the same token.

This vaporizer will actually ceaselessly cook your spice, regardless of whether you’re drawing.

The primary concern

On the exhibition based measurements like extraction-speed and fume quality, it doesn’t score comparable to the choices on the rundown.