Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100 – 2022 Update

A Few of The Best Budget Kitchen Cutlery Block Sets under 100 Dollars in 2022

Cutlery is one of the main food prep devices in the kitchen, and getting great blades on a tight spending plan in 2022 thanks to current assembling techniques is conceivable. With regards to kitchen blades you have a ton of decisions going from truly modest ones to premium kitchen cuts that cost in excess of a house installment. While it is very evident that you can set aside cash while buying a blade set contrasted with purchasing individual blades, it’s still difficult to tell where to start. In view of this we tried various financial plan amicable blade sets, so we might exhibit the best kitchen at any point blade block sets under $100 in 2022 from top brands.

Best Knife Sets Under 100

The Cuisinart C77WTR 15-Piece and the Henckels Definition 12-Piece are two of the best kitchen blade sets under $100 we have tried.

Blade sets are a significant venture regardless of whether you spend under $100. I have incorporated a cutlery care and dealing with guide toward the finish of this article to assist you with getting the greater part of your blade set. Indeed, even a financial plan cutlery set should keep going for a long time on the off chance that the blades are appropriately focused on.

There have not been a ton new blade sets delivered in the sub $100 cost range somewhat recently. I accept this has something to do with the remarkable assembling difficulties organizations have confronted. Nonetheless, it seems to be cutlery organizations are starting to deliver new items at a quicker rate this year. I will keep on refreshing this article as I test new items all through 2022.


Incorporates a sharpening bar

The Cuisinart-C77WTR culinary expert blade cutting through a tomato in the forefront with the remainder of the kitchen blade set behind the scenes.

The Cuisinart-C77WTR 15P Classic White blade set intrigued us with it’s presentation, size and generally speaking great looks.

This set offers a great deal of value for the money. For under $100 you get end to end length blades with manufactured cutting edges and triple bolted handles. Normally those specs come at the expense of amount, however this set is quite enormous. It likewise looks perfect. The blades throw a tantrum and finish for financial plan blades and the stockpiling block is one of the better looking ones in this article. Clearly the general quality is not exactly more costly sets, however Cuisinart has worked effectively from an exhibition and looks versus esteem outlook.

Hacking green onions with the Cuisinart-C77WTR santoku blade.

The more modest blades of this set really do feel somewhat feeble contrasted with the bigger legend blades, yet that is really normal of spending plan sets. These blades ought to constantly be hand washed and dried immediately to guarantee long periods of purpose and spot free cutting edges. On the off chance that the included sharpening bar is utilized routinely these blades will not to be honed frequently.

All things considered this is a decent kitchen cutlery set, and you will be unable to find a superior planned, more strong set at this cost. In the event that you can get by with a more modest set I would suggest the Cangshan set we recorded before in this article, however on the off chance that you really want a major set that looks perfect on practically any kitchen counter this Cuisinart set is a magnificent decision at it’s ongoing sub 100 dollar price tag.


The Mercer Culinary Millenia cook blade with a chocolate handle effectively cutting through a tomato. This picture shows the capacity of the gourmet specialist blade remembered for this set.

We were dazzled with the cutting skill of the Mercer Culinary Millenia cook blade.

The Mercer Culinary Millenia 5-Piece Knife set offers extraordinary quality and incredibly agreeable handles at an amazing cost. This set doesn’t have the exemplary look of the commonplace wooden handle blade set in a hard wood block, however in the event that you like the remarkable tasteful of this set it is an extraordinary choice for anybody attempting to spend under $100 on a kitchen blade set. It is likewise an extraordinary choice in the event that you are searching for a blade set for a RV, in light of the fact that the entire set can be effortlessly put away in a cabinet, and the attractive stockpiling board works really hard of holding the blades set up.

Mercer Culinary Millenia Knife Set

The santoku blade remembered for this set was truly fit for a financial plan blade.

The sharp edges of the Culinary Millennia blades are made of X30Cr13 Japanese steel. This steel is genuinely rust proof, yet it for the most part doesn’t hold it’s edge for quite a while. Luckily Mercer’s intensity therapy appears to have made the cutting edges of these blades hold an edge better compared to the typical X30Cr13 steel sharp edge.

This set purposes an attractive board for capacity as opposed to a wooden block. The magnets on the rear of the board are truly strong, and they hold the blades solidly set up. The accompanying wood types accessible for this set’s stockpiling sheets: Acacia, Bamboo and Rubberwood.

The Millennia series blade sets are accessible in an assortment of handle tones.

As you can find in the image over the Millennia series blade sets are accessible with an assortment of handle tones, so you can pick the one that turns out best for your kitchen. In any case, the best component of these blade handles isn’t the variety choices of the handles. It is the agreeable shape and feel of the handles except if you are utilizing a squeeze grasp. These handles are made of a Santoprene/polypropylene combo material that is very grippy in any event, when wet.


Steak blades are a peculiar blend of serrated and straight edge.

Set Includes – one 3″ paring blade, one 5″ serrated utility blade, one 8″ bread blade, one 5″ empty edge santoku, one 8″inch Chef’s blade, four 4.5″ steak blades, one 9″ honing steel, one sets of kitchen shears, and one Cherry wood stockpiling block.

The 8 inch gourmet expert blade that accompanies this set offers extraordinary execution in this cost range. It is envisioned here cutting through a tomato.

The J.A. Henckels Definition blades dazzled us with their agreeable handles and incredible ability to cut.

J.A. Henckles, works effectively of making quality financial plan blades, and this set is totally truly outstanding under $100 available. The greatest drawback of the set is that it the steak blades are a bizarre mix of serrated and straight edge. Others assessments of this might fluctuate, however we are not a fan. Luckily the legend blades of this set, similar to the 8 inch cook blade presented above, offered such extraordinary execution for the cash that I was able to neglect the odd steak cuts and remember this set for this article.

Every one of the blades in this set are end to end length, the edges hold their edge well for a financial plan set and the stockpiling block looks perfect in practically any kitchen. I found that individuals with little to medium estimated hands like the handles of this set better compared to those with enormous hands. Saying this doesn’t imply that that those with huge hands despised the Henckels Definition handles. They simply could have done without them as much as those with little hands.

The very much planned paring blade in this blade set was somewhat more blunt than different blades, however is was even more than competent. It is displayed here stripping an apple.

The paring blade in this set wasn’t exactly pretty much as sharp as the other blades, yet it actually took care of business.

Despite the fact that the paring blade in this set was somewhat more blunt than the other blades, it was even more than skilled thanks to it’s great edge calculation and agreeable handle.