Best pizza in Lahaina

Best pizza in Lahaina

 It’s Pepe here with a yummy update! I have had an entire week (in addition to my tummy) with looking at the best pizza cafés on Maui. Here are my Top 5 pizza spots and I truly want to believe that you find this data helpful for when you next get ravenous for a cut of maui paradise!

Jail Street Pizza (Lahaina) –

 The best flimsy covering in Lahaina beginning around 2006. Presenting Jersey style pizza with new fixings whether that is meat or veggies. S-turns (mozzarella, hotdog, ricotta, mushrooms, red onion, pizza sauce) is our substantial #1 alongside Windmills (pesto base, mozzarella, goat cheddar and cooked red peppers) which is the best veggie choice. They additionally convey to travel rentals and condominiums in Lahaina and Kaanapali!

Deal Pepe (Lahaina) –

 If you are after an overall Italian eating in Lahaina then Sale Pepe is awesome on the West Side of Maui. Their Pizza is high quality Italian style with neighborhood fixings and with a hand crafted beguile. There pastas are additionally unimaginable with our most loved being the lasagna, you can’t turn out badly here!

Flatbread Co. (Paia) –

 Flatbread pizza in Paia is an extraordinary spot for a flatbread (pizza) in the event that you are visiting the surf town of Paia. All pizzas have 100 percent natural hulls with nearby Maui ranch fixings and are cooked in their wood fire stove. Their Mopsy’s Kalua Pie (stove broiled chicken, mango BBQ sauce, red onions, Maui Pineapple with Hawaiian goat cheddar and mozzarella) is one of our ohana top picks.

Pizza Madness (Kihie) –

The best nearby pizza place in Kihei, pizza franticness remains consistent with its name. With various fixings and offering more than pizza, the delicate hot wings and meatballs is energetically suggested, its an extraordinary spot for all the family at a sensible cost.

Lahaina Pizza Co (Lahaina) –

 If you are after that thicker style pizza on the west side of Maui then Lahaina Pizza Co takes care of you. With unending of garnishes you can genuinely custom your pizza how ever you need. They additionally present incredible Cal-zone as well. Situated on front road, Lahaina you are in it all while additionally get a sea nightfall from their lanai.

By Michael Caine

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