Best places to reside in Asheville NC

Biltmore Lake

Biltmore Lake is one of the bigger arranged networks in the Asheville region, yet we find that numerous purchasers we meet have never known about it until we notice it to them. Biltmore Lake is novel since it has a 62-section of land lake that is accessible to inhabitants for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and paddling. It likewise has miles of trails and walkways, tennis courts, and a public venue. New development is as yet accessible from the engineer in Biltmore Lake, as well as various resales. One more extraordinary trait of Biltmore Lake is that the area isn’t gated, which is strange for a neighborhood with such countless conveniences. There are gated segments inside the area, yet the greater part of the local area isn’t gated. Biltmore Lake is one of those areas that help to remember us our life as a youngster – where children can be outside with loads of other area kids and not return home until dull.

Bluffs at Pecan Inlet

The Bluffs at Pecan Bay is an exceptionally selective gated improvement in Arden, on the south side of Asheville. Part of the famous Bluffs People group of top of the line regions, Pecan Bay is the main such area in Buncombe Province. Conveniences here incorporate a top notch health community, tennis courts, miles of climbing trails, and a Jack Nicklaus Mark green. While the biggest and most lavish homes in Pecan Bay sell for a few million bucks, there are generally a couple of contributions under $1 million, alluring evaluating for such a convenience filled extravagance local area.


Southcliff has turned into an exceptionally well known local area because of its considerable rundown of activities and its nearness to Asheville. This area is intended to assist its inhabitants with exploiting the outside. The conveniences here incorporate paths for climbing and trekking, numerous jungle gyms, a few firepits and gazebos, and camping areas dissipated all through Southcliff’s green space. Homes in Southcliff are underlying the skilled worker style, and there is a wide assortment of cost ranges, with homes regularly ready to move beginning around a portion of 1,000,000 bucks up to above and beyond 1 million. There are likewise empty parts available to be purchased, including lush confidential packages and huge home parcels with significant distance mountain sees. Southcliff’s area likely could be its top rated point. Found only 3 miles from the Blue Edge Turnpike and 8 miles from Downtown Asheville, Southcliff is effectively open by means of US Parkway 74-A. This is one of the most un-clogged courses into Asheville.

Neighborhoods Near Midtown Asheville

Downtown Asheville is the spot to go for shopping, eating, and unrecorded music, and numerous purchasers want to possess a condominium in midtown Asheville so they can get to these things constantly. Be that as it may, townhouse living isn’t ideal for everybody, and at times living simply close to downtown is far and away superior to living directly in the core of the city. Here are an incredible neighborhoods for purchasers that need to be close (however not excessively near) downtown.

Chicken Slope

Chicken Slope is a somewhat little area strategically placed between Downtown Asheville and the Waterway Expressions Region. Arranged on a slope over the French Wide Waterway, occupants here can undoubtedly stroll to cafés, craftsmanship exhibitions, and bottling works close by. Homes in Chicken Slope are generally exceptionally old or extremely new, with very in the middle between. As a matter of fact, we ran a pursuit in MLS of the relative multitude of homes that have at any point been recorded in the area. All were worked preceding 1945 or after 2004! The more established homes are normally house/lodge style homes, and many have been remodeled. A considerable lot of the fresher homes have current design, including butterfly or shed rooftops. It’s normal for these fresher homes to be worked with green highlights too, frequently with Energy Star or Green Fabricated North Carolina appraisals.

Lakeview Park

Alright, so Lakeview Park isn’t precisely a very much kept secret in Asheville, as the area is north of 100 years of age. What’s more, it’s genuinely enormous by Asheville guidelines, with around 500 homes absolute. It’s likewise found sufficiently far north of Asheville off of US Interstate 25 to provide it with a vibe of being only a tad bit eliminated from the city. Point of fact, the crown gem of Lakeview Park is Beaver Lake Park. Like Biltmore Lake, Beaver Lake offers fishing, non-mechanized sailing, and a running path around the lake.


One of the most seasoned and biggest networks inside the Asheville city limits, Kenilworth makes an amazing assortment of homes available for purchase. Look over more seasoned homes that have been (or could be) revamped, new spec homes, and even multi-family properties. Kenilworth’s area close to Mission Emergency clinic makes it an incredible area for specialists and medical caretakers, as well as landowners hoping to lease units to clinical laborers. A valid example: a companion of mine possesses a tri-plex in Kenilworth where he and his family resided in the biggest unit for almost 15 years. The 2 different lofts were leased to medical caretakers who each remained for more than 10 years! Discuss consistent income!