Best Rim World Mods

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There aren’t that many alternatives in terms of simulation/constructing/control games set in space.

Extraordinarily enough, one of the top contenders in the style is a crowdfunded indie identify known as rimworld.

There’s no question that it’s come a protracted way since release, building a massive fanbase no matter the clunky interface and ugly photos being typically noted regions for improvement.

A massive part of what makes the game so addicting is how passionate the modding network is. There are tons of mods available, from satisfactory of life upgrades to complete overhauls.

The steam workshop by myself already has extra than 15,000 entries. But don’t fear, i’ve already long past thru the lists and arrange the quality-of-the-nice right here for clean surfing. Revel in!

Edb put together carefully

Rng plays a massive position when starting a recreation of rimworld.

At the beginning of the game, to be had colonists spawn with randomly generated traits which basically dictate the way they act.

The edb prepare cautiously offers you a piece extra manipulate of what you get, allowing you to personalize your colonists beforehand.

You could select available equipment, trade their names, or even assign ability points as you please. There are options to restrict factor distribution, however this could be eliminated as well. Just be careful with this as developing op starting characters can get boring quite quick.

I’d advocate starting a sport with out this first so you get a experience of the authentic recreation. Then throw this on once you have got a higher idea of what you’ll be desiring out of your beginning characters.

 clever speed

Pace control is pretty a great deal a staple in relation to pinnacle-down control video games.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to need to speed matters up every occasionally, and maximum games just don’t go as fast as we’d like.

The clever velocity mod fixes that, allowing you to hurry up game time to make matters fly by using greater quick.

Blighted alert

It isn’t uncommon for builders to overlook little information; which gamers finally come across after sinking hours into the game.

The blight mechanic is one of those matters, and once constant makes you marvel why it wasn’t carried out inside the base recreation.

All the mod does is offers you an modify for when blighted plant life exist on the map.

This lets you to do away with them right now earlier than they unfold.

Sensible rooms

Room length requirements also are quite bizarre in the base sport.

You’re required to soak up 12 tiles for a “tight” room, just to have your colonist whinge that it’s too small?

The mod lowers room necessities to higher fit practical residence sizes.

It’s excellent for maximizing area and building smaller bases, but also makes survival a bit greater practicable – making it an universal terrific mod to have.

Draggable corners

Some other great of existence mod so one can make you wonder why the sport was designed to provide you such a hard time – draggable corners.

It’s pretty bizarre now that you think about it, why does rimworld only allow you to build partitions in man or woman strains?

Making buildings can get pretty tedious this manner, and you’d think there ought to be a less complicated manner of doing it.

Fortunate for us, modder sparr made it feasible. With draggable corners, you can now make conduits and sandbags in l shapes, and create walls and other impassable buildings in squares or rectangles.


Blueprints is some other vital that takes away much of the trouble of constructing in rimworld.

It essentially lets in you to create blueprints from buildings which you’ve already constructed, so you can effortlessly vicinity copies afterward.

If you experience such as you’ve created the ideal bed room, you won’t need to keep building it again and again once more.

No longer best that, but there are tons of other beneficial functions as well. You may trade wall materials and different components of the construct earlier than placing it.

Color coded mood bar

Coping with colonist moods is a huge a part of the game.

As with pretty a good deal any control game, you’re given a god-like role in rimworld. Right here extra than another sport but, colonists seem to have minds in their personal and matters can get chaotic pretty quickly.

While there was a number of progress round making moods simpler to manage, this mod makes it just a piece simpler by way of including a easy coloration-coding scheme.

The bottom recreation includes a depleting mood bar at the back of colonists, and this mod simply adds a few shade to make it a lot easier to tell in the event that they’re happy or disillusioned.


The research menu has been recognised to be pretty buggy as properly.

Particularly while the use of mods, the studies tree has been recognized to clump sure techs collectively making it very tough to manipulate.

The mod pretty much revamps the research tree, giving it smoother loading times and a format that’s less complicated to apprehend ordinary.

There may be also a number of functionality here, because it allows for studies queueing so you won’t want to hold going to and fro into the menu.


Fashionrimsta provides a whole lot of garb options to the game, adding some variety to the manner your colonists look.

The mod isn’t basically aesthetic though, because it ties in to some of the video games base mechanics as properly. A variety of the clothes would require studies earlier than being craftable.

Once they’ve been unlocked though, they do offer job bonuses as properly.

Now that is what surely makes this mod unique. Specialised clothes improve task overall performance – a chef hat will make you prepare dinner faster, scrubs improve your clinical overall performance, etc.

Seen pants

Photographs would truly now not a robust fit for rimworld… so why now not make it appearance as excellent as it likely can?

Well one aspect fans wanted fixed was how colonists’ pants had been by no means visible.

It’s simply now not a massive change.

However provides a piece of taste in terms of how colonists’ appearance and differ from one another.

Mens hair

There are plenty of mods for including hairstyles to the default options inside the base recreation.

Even as the vanilla alternatives may be quite boring, and a few mods can get pretty outrageous, ods’ men’s hair goals to strike a stability and offer extra realistic presets in your colonists.

This mod gives a few new hairstyles to choose from, together with facial hair alternatives as well.

Ods additionally has a p.C. For female hairstyles so you might want to test that one out as nicely.