Best & Simple Ways to Reduce pdf file size

Yes, the time comes when you need to indulge graphics or certain images in your PDF document for
certain purposes. While you can find that PDF with bulk size will slow down the file transfers and
collaborations processes. If you ever encounter with the same problem, a free PDF reducer is the
best tool that entirely reduces the size of your PDF document format while preserving the original
In this informative context, we listed some best ways that lets you reduce PDF size for free of cost.
Remember That!
 PDF size reducing algorithm is something that entirely make optimization (compression) and
even works best to remove unwanted element and sometimes downgrade an image quality
 Kept in mind that if you pdf file is loaded with 10MB and you seek for a way to reduce pdf size to
or even below 100KB, then pdf size reduction is almost impossible. And, there’s no PDF size
reducer that are 100% committed to do so
Quit worrying since there are source that offers free version of free PDF
for reducing PDF file size according to different compression levels. Even also, this pdf size
reducer perform reducing process while maintaining the original quality and layout of the document.

SwifDoo PDF:

Give a try to this offline free PDF reducer by SwifDoo PDF that takes minimal effort to decrease PDF
file size. The most apparent reason to use this PDF file compressor is that it compress PDF size by
providing three distinct degrees of image quality.

How to Reduce pdf file size?
 You now simply have to ahead to the source of SwifDoo PDF, download and install it
 Then, you need to make an instant tap on the Open from the homepage that lets you upload a
PDF document file. Alternatively, you can easily make drag and drop to the given workstation
 Very next, from the given Advanced tab, you can be able to select the Compression
 Now, here you can easily select the Image Quality and output destination folder
 Once you deal with all, its time to make an instant tap on the Start button to reduce PDF size.
Quit worrying now you can easily reduce file size of PDF without losing file integrity with this pdf

If you are seeking for the ways for reducing PDF size without any manual intervention, then give a try
to online PDF reducer for free of cost. Kept in mind that PDF file size right after optimization
(compression) is merely figure out by the file size prior compression.
Start using this handy PDF file shrinker for optimally reducing pdf file size, just upload PDF, hit
compress, and attain required compressed PDF file, lets take a look how!

How to Reduce PDF Size?

 Make a visit to “”
 Then, upload PDF document format that you want to reduce with this tool
 Now, make selection for PDF compression level
 Once you deal with all parameters, then hit the Compress button
 Finally, download a reduced PDF version file right now

Foxit PDF:

You can now make a couple of clicks to optimize (reduce)PDF without distortion with the use of Foxit
PDF. Remember that this free PDF reducer provided you with innumerable extensive functions
related to PDF optimizations. This pdf file compressor mostly taken into account by experts due to its
highly quality outcomes.

How to Reduce pdf file size?

 At start, you just require to first download Foxit PDF Editor and then install it on your particular
 Then, you have to launch this PDF application and make an instant hit on the File ribbon
 Its right time to place the cursor on this PDF Optimizer and simply make a tap in the Advanced
 At last, you have to make alterations (settings) according to your preference (if needed). Once
you deal with all, hit the OK button to reduce size for PDF


Preview is well-known in-built applications for macOS that also works as best and free PDF reducer.
Give a try to this instant tool to proceed with pdf file compression, conversion, editing, and much
more. The most amazing thing is that it only requires few taps for compressing PDF documents.

How to Reduce PDF file size?

 To start, you need to simply open your PDF file that you aim to reduce by using macOS Preview
 In this step, you need to tap on the File option and just start further by choosing the Export
option (remember that here you don’t have to select the Export as PDF option)
 At last, hit the Quarts Filter option and make an instant click on the Reduce File Size from the
provided drop-down list


If decreasing PDF file size online is your preference, then PDFCompressor is the best choice for free
processing. This web-based application offer simple and straightforward free PDF reducer through
which you can easily attain compressed PDF file for any document. Lets find the steps that you have
to follow for reducing PDF size with this handy compressor.

How to Reduce PDF file size?

 Fetch PDFCompressor online
 Then, make an instant click on its best PDF reducer and commence with uploading PDF
document file into the existing panel. Once your file is uploaded, you will see that this online pdf
file size reducer will start reducing PDF file online
 Just for a bit, then choose the given Download option that quickly save the compressed PDF file
with smaller file size. Even you can find that the reduced version pdf will automatically saved
into storage
Kept in mind that you can even perform batch processing compression for PDF files with this pdf size
reducer online. If this is the case, you simply need to make a tap on the “Upload Files” and all you
need to continuing by adding batch files to the provided workplace. Once your files uploading process
terminated, this pdf file compressor does all for you within any quality disruption.


Smallpdf offer free version free PDF reducer to deal with pdf file compression optimally without any
quality loss. Not only that, here you could be able to edit, convert, combine, and split pdf document
format within no time. It’s mean that you can do as much as you want from PDF documents.

How to Reduce PDF File Size?
 At first, you need to select online PDF reducer form the source of SmallPDF
 Then, simply start uploading a PDF document from the any source of local storage, Google Drive,
or simply using Dropbox
 Kept in mind that by default users can just proceeding with Basic level PDF compression. If you
want to attain advanced version compression from this pdf compressor, then first you need to
go for PRO!