Borderlands 3 class mods

Borderlands 3 class mods

If there’s something that Borderlands 3 can hang its hat on, its in the sheer volume of loot the video game will certainly toss at you. There’s weapons, shields, explosives, cash, ammo, as well as many in several kinds and degrees, but what about class mods? You most likely found a couple of these very early in the game, but have no explanation on how the work or how to utilize them. Here’s exactly how to open the ability to utilize course mods, plus every little thing else you ought to understand about these powerful upgrades.

Borderlands 3 Course Mods – What Do They Do?

Course mods are items that can increase your vault hunter’s skills in particular ways. When furnished, they can increase the level of particular abilities within any of your ability trees, regardless of whether or not you have actually spent factors in it or not. You can also make use of mods to boost abilities to greater degrees than the cap. These mods can be found in the exact same variety of rarities as weapons, so the more unusual ones will offer far better enthusiasts.

Since class mods give points right into details abilities, they are all restricted to individual courses. You’ll get class mods for courses you’re not playing as, so do not hesitate to either trade them with buddies or market them off. The product level on class mods aren’t as important as they are for guns, and also mostly rely on your preference. As soon as you discover one that gives you the skills you more than happy with, you can stick with it for as long as you want.

Just How To Open Class Mods

Once again, you’re more than likely going to grab a course mod or two before you can also utilize them, but you won’t have to wait as well long. If you continue the primary tale you will make your way off of Pandora and also into the second of the game’s main zones, Promethea. Upon landing you will tackle the Hostile Takeover tale quest.

This mission finishes in a manager fight against Gigamind, who will certainly go down a course mod just in case you haven’t selected one up yet, and also open the secured port in your character’s inventory where can outfit course mods. Simply open up your supply and slot in whichever class mod you like and enjoy the buffs.

Just how To Obtain More Class Mods

Once you’ve defeated Gigamind, class mods will appear from almost every source of loot in Borderlands 3. That being said, you’re going to locate the huge majority of them combined in with the loot you’ll be sucking up along your trip from fallen opponents and looting chests. If you just maintain playing the game like regular, as well as making certain to check the loads of things cluttering the battleground, you should have no shortage of class mods to select from.

Two various other methods to get your hands on more course mods without as much randomness is back on Sanctuary. The Golden Upper body will start to spawn them after you defeat Hostile Takeover, yet vending equipments will additionally include them to their supplies. That might make it much easier to locate mods for your certain class if the decreases aren’t working out in your favor.

Unless you have a pal to patronize, you could too offer any kind of class mods that do not match your class. You obviously can not equip them, as well as even if you’re running that character on another save there’s no way to transfer things between your own characters.


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Borderlands 3 class mods

Borderlands 3 mods

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