Career as a Linux administrator: What do you need to know to become one of them?

The Linux project was started in 1991 by Finnish Linus Torvalds, who came up with the idea to ask other people for help over the Internet. The source code was publicly available, and gradually many thousands of people became involved in the further development of the Linux kernel. Lots of skilled programmers are still developing the Linux kernel. However, today, many programmers work for various companies interested in supporting Linux kernel development.  

Linux is the operating system that you will work with in any modern IT company. Let’s see what you need to know to work as a Linux administrator.

Linux Administrator RESPONSIBILITIES:

· Maintaining and identifying risks, issues and opportunities, analyzing underlying trends from numerous metrics.

· Maintaining logs and backups.

· Monitoring and troubleshooting Linux system software errors and knowledge of other operating systems (Windows, macOS) are also required.

· Performing quality assurance testing of services to ensure proper operation.

· Providing subject matter expertise across operational activities.

· Restoring information.

· Reviewing, managing, and maintaining the operational availability of a line of web-oriented services.

· Service of office equipment. 

· Setting up and ensuring the security of the company’s computer network.

· Technical support: help and support for users, training on the use of the software.

Linux Administrator REQUIRED SKILLS:

· Configuration management Ansible or similar.

· Experience in administration of MySQL databases.

· Great understanding of networking and UNIX-based operating systems.

· Knowledge of common software products.

· Skills in installing and configuring server software.

· Solid knowledge of automation methods using scripting languages.

· Solid knowledge of the principles of Linux.

· Strong knowledge of protocols HTTP, SSH, FTP, SMTP.

· Understanding the operation of the hardware of computers with the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot.


  • Experience with databases like Oracle, MS SQL.
  • Experience working with Windows OS.
  • Good knowledge of English and other foreign languages.

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