Check Out Some Inspirational Barber Shop Logo Designs

Having a creative and business-oriented logo is much more than just a luxury. Nowadays, the barbershop logo can’t be just basic or ordinary if you’re really hoping to make an impact on customers. The customers are going to remember the logo because of the unique shape, implied meaning, typography, colors, style, etc. 

Take the instance of free logo design for a barbershop. You can have the option to add hair care products, scissors, comb, dryer, and other grooming solutions. Customers can easily get along with the brand considering the eye-catching and attractive logo added to the website. 

In this article, we are bringing a researched collection of inspirational barber shop logo designs ranging from traditional to modern designs. 

Some Creative Barber Shop Logo Designs For Inspiration

Are you planning to start your online barber shop? Check out some of the popular barbershop logo designs before getting started to design one for your business. 

#1. The Clean Cut Logo

This barber’s online logo is justified by its name – Clean Cut. It is designed with clean text with creative use of the ustra symbol. It signifies the cutting and grooming services of a barber. This vintage logo design online seems a bit quirky in design with a blend of fun and enjoyable elements. 

The logo background colour is chosen to glorify the text visibility with a complete focus on the brand name and design. The dark shades in the logo background are what make it more appealing for the users. One can easily figure out the creative use of elements and background in the online barber logo style. 

#2. 9th Street Barber Logo

This clean and sleek design for the barbershop logo is created while considering the fun element. The logo designer has used the symbols of scissors and comb at the top of the brand name. In addition, the barber is signified at the bottom of 9th Street with different fonts and styles. The logo design only uses black and white colors with the Latin letter for IX (9th) Street. It is a worthy example for everyone who looks forward to going with the clean and compact style logo for their barber brand shop. 

#3. Claudius Barbershop Logo

This logo design online was for a barbershop project in Stockholm. It goes well with the brand name highlighted in the center. Claudius’ logo style is another example of the simple and basic use of elements and colors. The logo designer has kept the typography very simple. 

The encircled scissor with a creative design symbol looks pretty decent in with the overall design. However, the color choice could have been improved in certain regards. The word “Barbershop” mentioned with the black background is hardly visible. If we ignore the color choice for custom logo design, it can be used as a decent example. 

#4. Gentlemen’s Salon Logo

This barbershop logo design was designed to upscale the brand value of the barber’s salon. The name Gentlemen’s Salon signifies the men’s specific barbershop. The same is completely justifying the brand name, logo, and value. 

If we take a look at the logo design, only two colors are used to create a sleek and appealing look and feel. Only one symbol is used in the middle with simple typography in plain and italic formatting. However, the logo design was not used for the project, but can surely serve the purpose of getting inspiration. 

#5. Harry Blades & Angry Daves Logo

This barbershop logo design is for a local shop in Bristol, UK. The logo designer designed it as per the client’s requirements who requested the design similar to the coat of arms type along with the inclusion of stag, swallow, and barber’s pole. 

The custom logo design has an additional throat razor and a pair of shoes. It is a creative and profound design that can act as a source of inspiration for multiple logo designers. The Harry Blades & Angry Davis logo is an example of using too many elements and still saving the logo from getting cluttered. 

#6. MenzCuts Logo

The free logo design of Menz Cuts is a quirky design with a colored look. It has the letter “M” with a mustache in the middle. Here M signifies Menz and cuts are represented by a mustache. The centralized symbols on the white background make it more creative than most of the other logo designs on the market. 

This barbershop logo design highlights the symbol in a better way and speaks more with fewer elements. The color combination also seems a right fit and inspires you to get more creative with your brand logo. MenzCuts logo is the perfect logo for a localized barber shop. 

#7. Jochen Schuh Logo

The free logo design of Jochen Schuh is for a mobile hairdresser that serves at home or event service. The designer has used just two colors black and white with a shady background. The unique use of scissors with wings shows the mobile hairdressing service. 

This barbershop logo inspires us to make the best use of elements and symbols to speak about the brand value. The typography is clear and easily understandable by customers. 

#8. The Robin’s Nest Barber Shop Logo

As creative is the name of the barbershop, so is its creative custom logo design. The logo designer has used a nest with two eggs with a scissor at the bottom. Combinedly, the logo design fits perfectly with the brand name “The Robin’s Nest Barber Shop”. 

This logo design online teaches that we can use any creative brand name and try to convert the elements accordingly. Just one or two symbols are enough to say everything about the brand if used wisely. Most designers prefer to use less to gain maximum exposure for the brand value. 

#9. Salon Gersing Logo

This custom logo design has an appealing red color along with creativity in typography and symbols. The ‘g’ letter of Gersing serves as the handle of the scissor and looks like a pretty cool design. 

This barber online shop logo has the best background color that highlights the brand name and value in the best way possible. This logo offers the idea to experiment with the background color and shades while designing the one for your brand. 

#10. Kennedy’s American Barber Club Logo

This barbershop logo design is for the upscale barbershop designed for only men. It has everything one needs in a grooming shop. It also uses a scissor with appealing typography. This online logo uses black and white colors with a shady background to represent the best design and nostalgic feeling. 

The logo design online provides the vibes of wood flooring and oxblood leather chairs. The users get easily connected with the logo design and brand to experience barber shop services and offerings. 

Wrap Up 

We hope that the above-listed barbershop logo would have been successful in inspiring you. You can take inspiration and ideas before designing the one for your barber shop brand. Designhill offers the creative template and designs of the barber shop logo with an online logo maker tool. Play around with multiple designs, colors, and typography to get a high-end logo design at affordable prices.