iPhone 12 Vs 13 Colors: Choosing the Right Color for Your iPhone in 2022

Apple is a very big name in the technical gadget industry. Apple iPhones never disappoint their customers. That is why Apple comes up with great iPhones every year with innovations according to the needs of its target customers.

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Why do people prefer the iPhone over any other brand?

  • iCloud: The iPhone is a phone brand that uses its own other Apple products, like Mac computers, iPads and iPods. Apple provides a free iCloud service, which helps iPhone users to share data, music, photos and contacts with all other Apple products. The biggest advantage is that data transferring becomes a hassle-free job here which usually is very typical work and requires a lot of time. 
  • Facetime: One of the biggest benefits of the iPhones and other Apple devices like mac and ipads is the FaceTime feature, which is like a video call feature. FaceTime is a personal way to break the boundaries of distance and stay in touch with family, friends and clients. 
  • Security Feature: Iphones are more favourite of businessmen because of their security features.  Apple takes the security of its users very seriously, that is why it keeps on releasing updates to all iOS devices directly, which helps the users to become aware of them and disinfecting everybody’s devices, regardless of who their carriers are, which google may fail to provide to its users.
  • As a status symbol: Iphones are usually owned by a high-income group of people that is why it is often used as a symbol to show you belong to a high-income group of people. 
  • Quality: iPhones are made of high-quality materials, which goes on for a long way and may even be considered a one-time investment. 
  • Innovation: Iphones always develop innovations in each new launch that attracts the targeted customers towards the iphone. 

Recently the iPhone has come up with a new iPhone, the iphone 13. 

iPhone 13 has two different models, the iPhone 13 and iPhone mini. These models vary in size and other features which are detailed below. Last year Apple came with iPhone 12. Following are some differences between both of them: 

  • The iPhone 12 price range varies between $600-$700 while the iPhone 13 price range varies between $700-$800.
  • The Iphone 12 storage range is 64GB, 128GB, 256GB while Iphone 13 storage range is 128GB, 256GB, 512GB. 
  • iPhone 12 has A14 Processor while iPhone 13 has an A15 processor.
  • iPhone 12 and 12  mini come in colours like White, black, blue, green, purple and Red while iPhone 13like Red, Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Pink. 

No doubt all the colours of iPhone 12 and 13 are amazing but one needs to decide one colour from all the colours while purchasing an iPhone. Now the colour choice solely depends upon the buyer because he/she will be using the phone in future.

iPhone 12 colour options

iPhone 12 comes in 6 colour options though black and white are common colours of the iPhone this year along with black and white iPhone came up with beautiful colours like pastel green which is already very high in demand and has become one of the favourite colours of most people. Apart from pastel green, the new colours of the iPhone are blue which looks very elegant and classy. Red iPhones have a separate fan base. 

  • Black is the most classic iPhone colour, an easy default choice that goes with anything.
  • The blue iPhone 12 is a darker blue, but not the near-black of the iPhone 12 Pro.
  • iPhone red is the hottest iPhone colour
  • Pastel green is a new colour and looks damn attractive
  • White is the favourite colour of most iPhone users and this colour looks very pretty and elegant.
  • Blue is a solid, classic option that’s different enough to be interesting.

iPhone 13 colour options

iPhone 13 came up with all new colours but one colour of iPhone 13 is inherited by 12 which is product red and no doubt red iPhones look damn beautiful. Maybe that’s why the company has inherited its product red colour in iphone13 after iPhone 12.  Apart from the product red colour, all the colours of the iPhone 13 are new. Which are summarised below: 

  • Midnight is one of the new colours of the iPhone 13‌ which should not be confused with the previous Black and Space Gray colour. Midnight differs from Black since it has a slight texture of navy blue.
  • Although there was previously a Blue shade in the ‌iPhone 12, the ‌iPhone 13‌’s Blue colour is lighter and warmer than the iPhone 12.
  • Now the iPhone has replaced its purple like lavender colour with pale, candyfloss-like Pink colour There is also no longer a Green colour option available in the new iPhone series.