Cost of Developing a Law Firm Website

How much it costs to develop websites for lawyers is different based on different grounds. 

1. Size of the Website: The larger your law firm and the more practice areas you cover, the more pages your website will likely need. 

A website for a firm with 100 lawyers and 10 practice groups will cost more than one for a smaller firm because of this.

2. Starting Fresh or Redesigning: Building a website from scratch usually costs more than making changes to an existing one. 

If you’re starting without any previous content or images, prepare for higher initial expenses.

3. Content Creation and SEO: The price will go up even more if your website needs new, original content and search engine optimization (SEO). 

High-quality, optimized content is needed for visibility, it’s the first step to reach your audience. But producing it is resource-intensive.

4. Customization Level: A custom-designed website generally costs more than using a pre-designed template. 

Custom legal website design in sites differentiates your firm in the marketplace.

5. Additional Features: Custom photos and videos can make your site look much better, but they cost extra. 

Professional photography of your team and offices and high-quality video production can improve user experience.

DIY Website Considerations

If you want to go down the DIY road (Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix), consider monetary savings and potential costs in terms of time and professional quality. 

These platforms have lower upfront costs but need personal time investment without the same level of customization and professional appearance as a site built by experienced designers.

Value of Professional Website Design for Attorneys

Legal firms should have professional websites that:

  • look great 
  • have a clean and easy-to-navigate design 
  • load quickly 
  • have compelling copy 
  • have strong calls to action 

These are necessary for a website to attract and convert potential clients. So law firms should absolutely make the investment.