Different Types Of Glasses That You Must Know


A large section of the global population wear glasses today. There are two major reasons why glasses are being worn at such a large scale. Firstly, many people now realise the fact that glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories. The second reason is the fact that glasses are a multifunctional accessory today. They started off as an eyesight correction instrument, but now they perform a range of functions.

Here are the different types of glasses that you must know for an informed purchase. This classification is based on the different functions that glasses perform. If you want to buy any of these pairs, you can head over to the internet to shop for them as you can find cheap glasses online with amazing quality.

Prescription Glasses

Majority of the people wear glasses for eyesight correction and this is where the role of prescription glasses comes in. Yes, prescription glasses perform the function of eyesight correction.

One can get these pairs customised as per their required prescription. The prescription fitted on both the lenses may be the same and can even vary.

If you are looking for cheap prescription glasses, you should explore the amazing collection available online. You are certain to make incredible savings here.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Digitalisation, along with the internet, has brought immense benefits. Digital screens have a profound influence on our lives as we rely on them for even some of our necessary needs. And with things like online classes and work from home becoming very common, the use of digital screens has only increased.

It needs to be noted that digital screens are one of the most common artificial sources of blue light. Since our eyes are at close proximity while using digital screens, the intensity of blue light exposure is relatively high, leading to more stress on the eyes. 

The excessive exposure to blue light emitted from digital screens might cause problems such as eye strain, which has symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, among others. It can also disturb our circadian rhythm, which is the natural wake and sleep cycle of our body. To keep our eyes protected from the harmful effects of blue light, blue light blocking glasses can be of great help.

Blue light blocking glasses – also known as computer glasses – come with lenses that use a protective coating to block the blue light incident on them from passing through and striking our eyes.

Whether you have an excessive exposure to digital screens or not, you can always put on a pair of blue light blocking glasses when you are facing a digital screen. To buy the best blue light blocking glasses at affordable prices, you should look for them over the online medium.

Fake Glasses

Glasses are no longer considered as just an optical tool today as a large section of the public now realise that they are also one of the best fashion accessories to boost our style. The fact that fake glasses are selling like hotcakes solidifies this further. But what are fake glasses?

Fake glasses are normal non-prescription glasses used solely as a fashion accessory. You can find fake glasses in all styles and types and to buy them at pocket-friendly prices, you should head over to the internet.


Sunglasses are a daily essential and it needs to be noted that they are not just

meant to be worn in the summer season. The sun shines all year round, making sunglasses an all-season accessory.

Talking about their function, the major function of sunglasses is UV protection, with variants like polarised sunglasses also performing the function of glare elimination, along with UV protection. And when it comes to style, we all know that sunglasses are one of the most sought after fashion accessories today.

You can find multiple variants of sunglasses available. From prescription sunglasses to wraparound styles, from polarised sunglasses to sports sunglasses, there are amazing options.

While buying your sunglasses, you should look for the pairs that come loaded with both UVA & UVB protective coatings as both of these combine to impart a 100% UV protection.

For an elegant upgrade to your outdoor style game and to keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays, sunglasses are your go to accessory.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are pairs that are super effective in providing a perfect vision for things close up. When it comes to the activity of reading, these glasses magnify the texts to make them visible without any blurring effect.

If you have been facing the issue of blurry texts frequently or feeling the need to hold your books at a distance that doesn’t lie in the normal reading range, or even encountering problems like eye strain and headache frequently, reading glasses might be of great help to you.

Designer Glasses

Designer glasses may be relatively expensive than non-designer pairs but considering the unique benefits that they provide, they are absolutely worth it.

When it comes to the design of designer glasses, creativity is at its peak. These pairs are designed with excellent craftsmanship by keeping in focus the fine details. The materials used for making both the frames and lenses of designer glasses are of superior quality with desirable characteristics like high strength and a good impact resistance.

Comfort is one of the most crucial factors that one considers while buying glasses and designer glasses stand out here too. By following the practice of precision in the manufacturing process and high-end technology, these pairs are made in a manner that ensures a perfect fit. Whether it is the temples, the nose pads, or even something as fine as the spring hinges, every single detail is designed and manufactured with utmost precision.

An exceptional durability is intrinsic to designer glasses. It flows naturally because of the way they are made and the materials used. You can expect your designer glasses to accompany you for a long duration of time in a fully functional state and if you take good care of them, several years down the line, they will appear as if you have just bought them.

Anti-glare Glasses

Glare is caused when the horizontal component of light reflected from various obstacles strikes our eyes, resulting in lack of clarity of vision and other conditions like eye strain, headaches, etc. Glare is common in both indoor and outdoor conditions, but it is mainly experienced during activities like driving, cycling, sports, among others.

To deal with glare, anti-glare glasses are what you should be looking at. The lenses of these glasses come loaded with a thin protective coating, which filters out the horizontal reflected light rays and prevents it from reaching our eyes.


Also known as progressive lenses, varifocals are an advancement of bifocal lenses. These scientifically advanced lenses provide eyesight correction for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, and anything in between. This is achieved by accommodating three visibility zones on these lenses – namely, near, far and intermediate.

Since varifocals come with multiple focal points, you can enjoy a smooth transition in your vision when you switch the focus of your eyes from an object placed far away to something that is near and vice-versa.

The boundaries separating the different visibility zones are not visible to the naked eye in the case of varifocal lenses, thereby not compromising on their visual appeal and giving varifocals an appearance just like any other normal lens.

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