Do You Need Insurance If You Drive Less Than 50 Miles A Day?


Any car owner must have motor insurance. Motorists can enjoy various types of car insurance available for motorists; they include third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Regardless of the distance, you cover, having insurance coverage is mandatory. In an accident, the damages may happen to your car and other third parties, such as other road users; hence, you need an insurance company to cover the damages.

Those driving for less than 50 miles a day have various advantages when purchasing best car insurance in Ontario. The insurance premium policies depend on multiple factors such as the condition of your car, driving habits, and the distance you travel daily. The lesser the distance you cover, the cheaper the insurance rate and vice versa. For first-time car users, the mileage will not be an issue; however, you need to declare how many miles you cover daily. The lower the distance, the lower the premium rates you will pay.

What Are Low Mileage Car Insurance

A low mileage car insurance refers to insurance coverage below 50 miles daily. Most insurance would be willing to cover your low mileage at lower premium rates. Low mileage insurance coverages ensure all motorists have insurance coverages. However, some insurance will still offer a higher price regardless of the mileage. Therefore, while considering the insurance provider, you need to consider the terms and conditions of the coverage and conduct due diligence.

An average American drive for about 18250 miles annually, 50 miles daily. Traditional insurance companies use the annual miles coverage as one of the factors to decide the insurance premium rates. Therefore, if you drive for about 50 miles daily, you need the insurance coverage to cover your insurability needs meaning the coverage is mandatory in various states.

You also need to understand that low discount mileage discounts are not applicable in all states. Most states are currently implementing a new rule driving less than 50 miles a day to prevent insurance companies from exploiting motorists.

Why Do You Need Low Mileage Insurance?

Regardless of the distance you cover daily. You must be aware that accidents are uncertain and sometimes occur when least expected. You also need to appreciate that the accidents may occur due to factors beyond your control. These factors include weather, faults of other drivers, mechanical issues, sudden healthcare issues, and other conditions that can trigger instant accidents.

In case of such accidents, you need insurance coverage to help you deal with damages. If you caused the accident, you need someone to take care of the liabilities, hence coverage. The coverage saves you from the burden of out-of-pocket payments. The out-of-pocket payments can sometimes be too expensive and extensive and lead to insolvency.

What Are Other Insurance Options For Low Mileage

There are other insurance options you need to consider. These options include:

Pay per mile car insurance

The coverage is also referred to as pay-as-you-go or mileage-based insurance. The coverage offers affordable insurance options suitable for low mileage drivers. The drivers have to pay for every mile they cover, not just the traditional car insurance methods. This method follows specific standards; there is a base rate then additional capital or premiums are paid based on the distance you cover. This coverage is suitable for those who work from home and only commute within the city. The overage is also suitable for retirees who have to drive only a few miles.

The distance coverage is monitored using telematics, a device plugged into the car to monitor the drivers’ behaviors and mileage covered. They are an excellent option for low mileage drivers doing less than 50 miles a day.

Usage-based insurance

This insurance coverage differs from others since they offer coverage for low mileage based on the drivers’ habits. They use artificial intelligence through telematics as an incentive to help the drivers drive safely and minimize the potential of accidents occurring or paying for the resulting damages.

The devices are installed in the car for an experimental duration, then they use the data to determine your driving habits and behavior, then charge you based on a scale. The scale is based on low, medium, and high risks. Some companies may decide to use it continuously to determine the premium rates, leading to fluctuating rates. This insurance coverage can be suitable for elderly drivers who drive cautiously and for a shorter distance.

How To Benefit From Low Mileage Insurance Options?

If you desire to gain fully from the low mileage insurance options, you need to implement and take advantage of telematics and other artificial intelligence devices. These devices will help you reduce the premium rates through the discounts offered by various insurance companies.

Driving for about 50 miles daily means getting cheap insurance coverage. The risks of accidents and bad driving habits drop; hence your premiums will fall. The short mileage helps you minimize the risks. Therefore, getting various discounts,


Insurance companies consider factors such as mileage and risks to determine premium rates. Therefore, the shorter the distance you cover, the lower the premium you will pay. Even if you drive for short miles, you need insurance coverage for uncertain times and accidents. If you drive for shorter distances, the conventional insurance coverage may be unnecessary hence the need for low mileage insurance coverage. 

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