Do you put acne treatment before or after moisturizer?

A variety of variables influence acne development. By figuring out what might be causing your acne outbreaks, you can use the appropriate prescription treatments with the right active ingredients.

Additionally, depending only on your skin type, your dermatologist can start you on the proper skin care regimen. You might need to modify your strategy from time to time when using medications for acne.

Everybody uses skincare products differently, and every individual responds to advice differently. If you’re wondering, “Do you apply acne before or after moisturizer?” Here is some more information.

Use moisturizer in the appropriate sequence:

Your choice of acne therapy will determine what you should do. It should be applied after moisturizing if it’s a cream or ointment. However, you should use it before moisturizing if it’s a topical medication in the form of a gel, liquid, or spray.

Many people discover that putting a thin layer of moisturizer on top of their Acne treatments helps to calm their skin and avoid dryness. However, if you have oily skin, you could discover that using a mild moisturizer is insufficient and that you need to use an oil-free moisturizer.

Applying topical skin care products is crucial to achieving the best effects. For optimum therapy, the order of application matters. Consistency, patience, knowledge of which compounds in a product pair well with one another, and the order in which you should apply those ingredients to your skin to obtain the most benefit are the keys to successful skin care. To start on the right foot and get the benefits, use the actions listed below as a starting point.

It’s crucial to consider how long it takes for different products to soak into your skin and the order in which they are applied. Using acne medications combined with other lotions and treatments is the last thing you want to do. Applying your topical drugs in the wrong order could have an annoyance-inducing side effect. Using your skincare creams, medicines, and serums will enhance their products.

Use your skin care topicals, starting with the thinnest, lightest consistency products and working your way up to the heavier or oil-based textured creams and lotions if you’re unsure how to apply them. Consequently, you might switch from the thinnest water-based items to thicker or oil-based solutions. You should begin with the lightest products after washing your face and work your way up to the heaviest ones.

Before lotions and moisturizers, toners, spot treatments, and serums are always preferred. If heavier products don’t obstruct it, anything water-based will quickly absorb into your skin. Only apply concentrated medications at night because they can make you more sensitive to the sun, like retinol or topical prescription treatments.
The second product must be able to permeate the skin after the first one has been applied. Therefore, the topical with the lightest texture should be applied first. The last surface to be applied should be the heaviest and most challenging to penetrate. Thus, water-or alcohol-based solutions should be used first, followed by gels, light lotions, more severe types of creams and serums, and finally, anything with an ointment base.

The appropriate order of application for your skin care products varies so greatly from person to person that it occasionally requires some trial. It might be challenging to determine which substances feel thicker and which do or do not allow things to penetrate your skin the best.

Examining how well your skin absorbs your goods is one test method. Look to see whether there is any product residue remaining on your skin’s surface. If there is, it signifies the product hasn’t been able to permeate your skin correctly and won’t be able to improve your complexion adequately.


To get better results, follow this order: cleanse, toner, medications applied topically, anti-aging cream, and moisturizer.It’s essential to pay attention to your skin, receive sound professional counsel, and discover what works best for you.