Eyebrow Lamination Compared to Microblading

Your eyes are the window to your soul…but what are your eyes without a frame? You have two options for giving your eyes an edge: an eyebrow lamination Austin TX treatment or microblading. But what is the difference between these two treatments? Well, stay a while to learn more about them here. 

Eyebrow Lamination Compared to Microblading 

Microblading is a well-known brow treatment, also known as eyebrow feathering. Yet, it is a form of permanent makeup and helps to enhance the existing brows. The stylist uses a handheld tool with up to 14 micro-needles formed in the shape of a blade.

The stylist then plants a semi-permanent color pigment into your skin’s epidermis to shape a perfect brow. So, you end up with a natural-looking eyebrow with hair-like strokes to give them a fuller semi-permanent look. 

When you look at eyebrow lamination, it is a perm for your brows. It involves applying up to three solutions to your brow hair to set them and give them a uniform shape for up to eight weeks. Hence, you have a brushed-up look as it is lifted upwards. 

Benefits of Both Procedures 

When you look at both eyebrow treatments, both have benefits, depending on your needs. For example, if you have thin brows, an eyebrow lamination will give them a fuller appearance for a shorter time. But if you do suffer from immense hair loss, microblading can help. The reason is that it will provide you with a natural look for longer.

Brow Laminating Advantages:

  • You get a natural look that lasts up to eight weeks. 
  • Your brows will look fluffier, and it is a non-invasive treatment that does not use needles. 
  • It can last a long time, depending on your aftercare.
  • Eyebrow lamination can lessen your preparation time in the morning as you only need to give them a brush. 

Microblading Advantages:

  • You also get a really full-brow look.
  • The treatment lasts up to 18 months, depending on your aftercare. 
  • Reduces the time spent in the more to make your brow look great. 

Aftercare for Microblading and Eyebrow Lamination

When it comes to microblading aftercare. There is much more involved than having an eyebrow lamination Austin, TX treatment. You must keep the treated area dry for up to 24 hours for both treatments. But it is more critical with microblading as you will have excess fluid around the brow area.  Learn more at https://parlorbeautybar.com/.

Gentle blotting of the area using clean tissue is recommended. From the 2nd to the 10th day, you must clean your brow, washing the treated area every morning and night. On the 3rd day onwards, you must also keep the brows moisturized with a cotton swab using aftercare ointment to prevent scabbing until it heals. 

When looking at brow lamination aftercare, it is needed but not as involved as microblading. In avoiding water, you also need to prevent heat following your appointment. After 48 hours, you can apply castor oil or special brow conditioner daily and need a brush to set your brows into place. 

Final Thoughts 

While the brow treatments are similar in the result, they still differ. If you do not prefer the invasive yet permanent brow transformation with microblading. Then an eyebrow lamination is for you. It is only temporary and affordable to achieve the brow look you want.