Getting Started in the Cave of the Forlorn: Elden Ring Guide to the Adventure

Cave of the Forlorn is a location in Elden Ring’s Consecrated Snowfield, and it is the home of the Misbegotten Crusader, who is responsible for the Golden Order Greatsword being dropped. Aside from that, the cave contains some extremely rare crafting materials. We’ll go over how to complete Cave of the Forlorn as part of our Elden Ring runes guide, so stay tuned.

Complete the Cave of the Forlorn with Elden Ring’s help

On this page, we’ll go over how to complete Cave of the Forlorn in the game Fallout 4. A walkthrough will be provided as well as any additional information, such as item drops and the location.

Item drops and loot in the Cave of the Forlorn

  • The best of the bestRune 7 Freezing Grease is a nascent ice cream flavor
  • Butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures on the planet
  • The best of the bestRune 10 is the tenth rune
  • Miquella’s Lily Hero’s Rune 2 Spiritflame is a powerful weapon
  • a directional arrowBoluses of Thawfrost from the Rune ArcCrystal Dart is a type of dart that is made of crystal

The Cave of the Forlorn is a cave in the mountains that is haunted by the forlorn. Where is it and how do I get there?
The entrance to the Cave of the Forlorn is tucked away on the eastern end of the frozen river in the Consecrated Snowfield, southeast of Ordina, Liturgical Town, on the eastern end of the frozen river. Because of a Giant Land Octopus that sits directly in front of the doorway, it can be difficult to locate the entrance. While you are not required to remove the Land Octopus before entering, you will be required to give up two Stonesword Keys in order to unlock the gate that prevents entry.

Cave of the Forlorn: A Guide to the Adventure
Keep in mind that when you first arrive at the Cave of the Forlorn, you should remain on the elevated area and swing around to activate the Site of Grace before dropping down. Then, once you’ve activated it, go ahead and drop down to find an unidentified corpse immediately ahead of you, which contains a Golden Rune 7. Then, continue eastward to continue deeper into the ice-filled cave.

A short distance after passing the Summoning Pool, you’ll come across another corpse on the ice, this one holding some Freezing Grease, as well as a Misbegotten enemy who you can sneak up on. Instead of continuing eastward, head toward an opening to the north first, but make sure you’re mentally prepared for a difficult battle. It leads to a chamber that contains two more Misbegotten enemies as well as a few rats, all of whom are difficult to deal with at the same time. In the event that you are successful in dealing with all of them, your reward will be found in an opening along the eastern wall, where you will find some more Freezing Grease.

Return to the chamber that was just before this one, and this time continue to the east instead of backwards. Your attention will almost certainly be drawn to the glowing purple item to the north, but proceed with caution as it is guarded by two Misbegottens. It is possible to sneak up on them and gain the upper hand, and once you have dealt with them, you will be able to claim the Nascent Butterfly on the corpse as your reward. It is necessary to collect a Golden Rune 10 on the opposite side of this chamber before moving on to the eastern side of the chamber, passing through some large ice structures and eventually emerging into another chamber with an icy floor.

It is possible to pick two Miquella’s Lilies that are growing on either side of the entranceway to this chamber, as well as two more that are hidden behind the large ice structure, prior to continuing onward. For the glowing item that can be found on the corpse leaning over the ledge, climb up the stone steps along the first ice structure and then perform a running jump across the gap to reach the other structure, where you will receive a Hero’s Rune 2 as a reward for your efforts. Having completed this task, proceed into the northern passageway and collect another Miquella’s Lily on your way.

As you enter this next area, get into a crouch because there’s a sleeping Misbegotten here that you can dispatch if you so desire before continuing along the only path forward, which leads out to another open area with an icy ground. The presence of two more sleeping Misbegotten adversaries is likely, but there’s actually a third lurking nearby, ready to fly around and pelt you with arrows if you aren’t careful. As soon as you engage one of the enemies, try to keep yourself out of the line of sight of the flying Misbegotten so that you can concentrate on taking them out without being distracted by the arrows. Once all three have been defeated, it is safe to take advantage of the Spiritflame Arrows and Rune Arc that are located to the east.

After that, make your way back out to the area where the large ice structures that we ascended earlier can be found. As you re-enter this area, keep an eye out to the west for an opening that will lead us to our next destination. In this area, there are a couple more Miquella’s Lilies, one on the ground floor and another on top of the ice structure here. After grabbing the Lily at the top of the structure, jump across to the other side and follow this snowy path around to a series of descending platforms on the other side of the structure.

Complete the Cave of the Forlorn 47 with the help of Elden Ring
Gradually make your way down the cascading platforms and into the chasm they lead you to at the bottom. Following your descent, make your way through the opening to the southwest, where you’ll have to contend with the glowing jellyfish you may have spotted beneath the ice earlier. Here you’ll find five jellyfish, the last three of which are responsible for defending a few items, including some more Miquella’s Lilies and Thawfrost Boluses, Crystal Darts, and other items.

Once you’ve collected everything, proceed through the short western passage, where you’ll come across a few more jellyfish to eliminate, but keep an eye out for the hole that lies behind them. Don’t fall into it until you’ve gotten some more Thawfrost Boluses from the corpse that’s leaning up against the brick wall. Whenever you’re ready, carefully lower yourself into the hole, aiming for the nearest ledge. Once on each successive ledge, make sure to stop and pick up the Freezing Grease on the ledge next to the body before continuing on your way to this cave’s mist gate where you will find the Misbegotten Crusader, who will drop the Golden Order Greatsword if you are successful in defeating him.

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