Gliding over obstacles with Managed Azure Cloud Services.

Picture yourself enjoying a cup of tea on a late Sunday morning, this is your weekly paradise away from deadlines and schedules. The phone rings suddenly and your biggest prospect ever wants to audit your last year’s financial records to know if you can handle their business.

Even getting your accountant on a Sunday to go to office and export that file and upload it will take more than 4 hours. You share that with the voice on the phone, and just by the tone of his voice you can figure it out that he is not at all impressed “Mr Arun, this is just a matter of minutes, you do have managed cloud services for 24/7 operations right?” Arun had no idea what a managed cloud services were, but he knew that not having one just got his chance to enter the big leagues thrown out of the window.

There are many more azure consultants in India and in the entire world, brilliant in what they do and are the most well-known locally. But no one knows about them outside of a few districts and states, let alone having international clients.

Vendors are now moving their data to a single reliable location that is available to their staff and support teams and is synced on the go. The world is looking at managed cloud services and cloud data management for everything. Customer support, Logistics, Production, Accounting, managed cloud services and cloud data management is everywhere. Even social media sites, your children’s school portal where they upload their homework depend on managed cloud services and cloud data management to bring your life together. The dream-team of managed cloud services and cloud data management has made it possible even for medical services to access patient data with just a unique ID attached to a patient that helps doctors respond 300% faster in critical scenarios without the need for repetitive testing and diagnosis.

With managed cloud services, every department within an organization or outside the organization can communicate seamlessly to make inventory management a completely automated task. Managed cloud services can help service providers give out real time tracking of their packages, removing the need to set up voice centers. With managed cloud services and cloud data management, companies can run AI platforms that predict customer patterns reducing product wastage and helping companies strategically place in-demand products at the right location. In fact Netflix largely owes its success to it’s AI prediction engine that runs on such managed cloud services to suggest viewers shows based on their choice patterns which are analyzed in real time with the help of cloud data management.

The synergy of AI and managed cloud services with cloud data management is able to aid even simple housekeeping services in low population areas where service maintenance is extremely expensive. Now an AI algorithm that feeds on cloud data management is able to churn the data of all service men on the field and is able to provide clients with preventive and emergency repair services in real time, this in turn proves that managed cloud services and cloud data management have helped in increase productivity to a major extent not only for large and medium companies but also their direct and in-direct customers who benefit from their services.

Imagine that a company that sells tractors parts and runs their customer service algorithm on AI powered by managed cloud services, when they provide preventive maintenance to their farmers and in turn the farmers are now able to harvest and provide the local market their produce on time. Now picture this on a bigger supply chain where the product travels to the big city and everything from shelf-life to costs of transportation, labour charges and expenses are calculated in real time to prevent latent losses over an AI system on managed cloud services.