Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is one of the best holidays every year to look forward to. It is the best time to dress up and have some fun. Unlike the usual party that you have attended where you showcase the best outfit in your closet. In contrast, during Halloween parties, you can wear anything and you can be anyone that you want to be for one night.

Just like the usual celebration done every year, telling stories about witches, zombies, ghosts, haunted houses, and sometimes haunted hospitals. But why not mix both? Why not mix the spooky and fun stuff? In fact, here are awesome and unique ideas for Halloween themes that you might want to try for this year’s Halloween Party celebration.

  1.  Haunted Hospitals

Speaking of which, haunted hospitals as a theme for Halloween is really fun. You can be a zombie patient, a zombie doctor, or a ghost. Which can be role-played, while everyone is partying you might want to get a check-up from a doctor who is also partying with zombie patients. On top of that, you can try a different approach which is a sexy Halloween costumes for a Halloween party. As it became more popular these days to wear sexy outfits during Halloween to showcase everyone’s uniqueness. Instead of going through the usual spooky costume as a Nurse. You can dress up in a sexy and elegant nurse costume for Halloween.

  1. Haunted House

Let us now go to the classic and traditional haunted house theme party for halloween. Decorate your home into a scary haunted house. There are different varieties of designs that you can use for your home. Starting with cobwebs, printing out ghost pictures, creating some creepy potions, wax candles, and letting skeleton toys hanging around. The exciting part comes after your friends have now gathered in your home. You can all participate in games such as telling horror stories, having a mini-race on which there will be an adventure type of game, and you can create jumpscares for your visitors. These games can bring fun and at the same time, competitiveness for everyone. Having these activities can make your Halloween party really interesting and fun.

  1. Create your own Zombie Apocalypse

The good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse-themed Halloween party is arguably one of the best themes for Halloween out there. Imagine, you can decide on whoever character you want, and you can zombify the character in order to be included in the themed party. For example, Michael Jackson’s Zombie in his music video the Thriller. You can also be a funny zombie like the Plant Vs. Zombies’ zombies, and you can also dress up as a hot and sexy zombie. The theme has flexible and multiple varieties to choose from, and it will just depend on your creativity, and imagination on how you can manage. But, the fun part doesn’t end with the costumes. During the party, a game can be played which is a game of tag but with a slight twist. Instead of “it” being transferred to another player, all of the people that were tagged by “it” will all become it. As it is how a theoretical Zombie Virus works. You will be like a team that is looking for other players included in the game. It can also result in another game like hiding and seek since you are now hiding from your friends to avoid getting infected or tagged on your Halloween party game.

  1. Underwater Themed Party

Who loves to party under the sea? At this party, you can design your party hall, house, or wherever your Halloween party will be celebrated as a first is coral reef design where little fishes like the clownfish or Finding Nemo is living. Next is a deep sea or deep water design, where such as creepy fishes, extinct fishes, and marine life’s bones or fossils. The third one is a mermaid-themed party, since they are included in the underwater party, a mermaid design and costume are accepted and included for this type of theme, where you can dress up like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, who Kylie Jenner dressed up on a Halloween event.  The last one is a sea monster design in which you can dress up as the Kraken, The world serpent, a large shark, or any sea monster that comes to your mind. The theme also offers a lot of costumes and party ideas that you can do. But what about Spongebob, isn’t he also under the water?

  1. Be a Cartoon Character

Now, Spongebob would not be left out. At this party, you can bring up your inner childhood, and dress up as one of your favorite cartoon characters. You can dress up as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Mr. Bean, Popeye, The SImpsons, and many more. It can be an assorted cartoon character costume, or it can be organized like for example only Disney Cartoon Characters only. Since cartoons are included in the Animation genre, Anime characters are also quite fun to be a themed party for Halloween. For example, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, or Dragon Balls. It is interesting and a lot of people are into anime these days.

  1. Treasure hunting

Interactive games are really fun during parties, as it connects all the people that are gathered at the event to either work as one or compete with each other. At a treasure hunt-themed Halloween Party, you can dress up as a Pirate, a bounty hunter, or an explorer. The host can draw a map of the event area where the hunt will take place. Clues will be given, as well as other items that might be useful or just to mess with the players included in the game. To make the event even more competitive is to have an actual prize at the treasure box that they are hunting. These will make the players, even more, go excited than before, and become even more competitive than usual as there is a prize waiting for them to be found. An Indiana Jones type of scenario can also be used as a design for this theme and the people can also dress up like Indiana Jones. Or since a pirate is applicable to treasure hunts, Jack Sparrow is also a great character to dress up.

  1. Murder Mystery

To make Halloween night, even more, is interesting is to solve a puzzle. The host can create a fake, and theoretical scenario that someone has been murdered, and the remaining people who will play the game have to solve who is the killer of the victim. The host can set up a crime scene to make it more realistic, with a murder weapon, some clues, and other pieces of stuff that will either help or confuse them more about the puzzle that they are trying to solve. Unlike the treasure hunt in which, they are competing for the prize that is waiting for them, in this Murder Mystery, they will keep moving out of their curiosity to solve the mystery. And solving a puzzle is a big-time achievement.

  1. Mad Scientist

As a mad scientist, you should have all of your pieces of equipment such as a Lab coat, safety goggles, microscopes, test tubes, flasks, and other science laboratory equipment. So you might try a Frankenstein type of Scientist for this theme. A mannequin can be decorated as it will be the one that you are experimenting with coming back to life. And on the side of it, the flask or tubes can be decorated as if you were brewing some potions to use for your experiment. Having a group of people dress up as a scientist is actually cool especially if a photograph is taken during the party.

  1. Sci-fi or Alien

Space, Spaceship, Galaxy, Universe, Stars, Planets, and Aliens. There are a lot of ideas when it is a Sci-fi or Science fiction-themed Halloween party. The common or famous one to dress up to is astronaut Neil Armstrong – the first person to land on the moon. Or you can level it up to dressing up as an Alien from the movie Aliens, or the famous predators which are quite awesome as a costume due to their uniqueness and their build. Another alien character that is famous is the classic E.T. In this theme, a Star War design is actually a great one too. Since it is one of the most famous Sci-fi franchises in the world, it will be a great selection for Halloween. Plus, there are a lot of characters in the franchise, so people would not argue with whom they are dressing up.

  1. Superhero

This is a safe choice to be a theme at a Halloween party. There are a lot of characters or people you can choose to dress up too. Let’s start with the famous characters from two of the biggest superhero comic books and movies in the world, which are Marvel and DC. There are characters like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and many more. You can copy the exact look of the hero, or you can be a cute one, a sexy one, a scary one, and many more. In this theme, you can interact like there is a role-playing game where the hero needs to defeat the villain and save the day.

  1.  Wild West

If you are living on a farm, this wild west-themed party is the best one to try. You can dress up as a sheriff, a cowboy, an outlaw, or you can be a horse. The games that you can try here are just like what real cowboys do which is to catch horses. It’s going be the cowboys versus the outlaws competing to catch those people that are in horse costumes. And the sheriffs will act like a referee to maintain the peace.

  1. Time Travel

Here is another interesting thing to do for Halloween. Your friends or the people that the host has gathered will choose an era. For example, in the seventees or the eighties where rollerblades and colorful dresses have been popular. They can freely dress up on which era they want to represent. However, here’s the catch to level up the fun, they will have to bring an item from that era. A real one or even a handmade one. For example, cassette tapes, walkmans, swords, or chariots. You are basically playing the bring me game but you have to bring an item from your chosen era. A Back to the Future designs and costumes for Time Travel can be considered, since it is one of the best time travel films in the world and a lot of people nowadays like to dress up as the characters in the Movie.

  1. Ghost Buster

For the ghostbuster themed party, you can dress up as the four main characters of the first movie or the new characters on the latest reboots of the movies. As a game for the theme, you can use nerf guns to shoot down the ghost, to avoid any injuries use the nerf gun for the saferty of the participants, or nets to catch the roaming ghosts. It is going to be a player versus player where some of the participants will be dressed as ghosts and the remaining participants will be dressed as the Ghosbusters.

  1. Ugliest Costumes

To lessen the preparation of each guest for the upcoming Haloween Party, why not have the ugliest costume themed party. Instead of spending too much money and lot of time to prepare for the costume, try considering these theme for everyone’s convenience. However, the host can make it fun by awarding someone that has a really ugly costume. The participants can model their costumes in front of everyone. And it will be like a total chaos because of the randomness of each costumes.

  1. Video Games

Video Game characters are very famous on today’s generation. There are a lot to choose from like the character in Halo, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and many more. There is also the most famous of them all which is Super Mario. Not only your friends can dress up as a video game character but you can also play video games as the main event for the party. 

  1.  Movie Characters

Movie Characters are also a great idea for a Hallowen Party, if there are group of peoples from the participants of the event, they can choose from one movie and they will be dressing up as whoever the character is in the movie. And the host can create like an award to the group that will have the best representation of the characters. For example of movie characters are Will Smith in Men in Black, Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, Katniss Everdeen, Han Solo, and many more. And to the game, a group can dress up as the characters in Hunger Games, Men in Black, Pirates of the Carribean, or to whatever Movie they have chosen.

  1.  Sports Themed

This can be the easiest theme in the list. As it only needs to wear a sport outfit. For example, bassketball attire, football, volleyball, and etc. And on the party, you can just play the sports that you like, and for sure it will create a conenction to everyone that was gathered there.

  1.  Medieval Themed

The medieval theme is a great idea for a Halloween Party as it also offers a lot of characters, or types of costumes that you can dress up to. It can a fictional medieval times, or historically accurate medieveal era. If fictional, a Game Of Thrones costume will be nice. You can dress up as Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister, and many more. You can also be a viking, or a dragon for these event. And a role-playing game would be the most accurate to play for these halloween party idea. Also, witches and wizards can also be included like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings.

  1.  Student Themed

It may sound silly but it is actually a great idea for Halloween Party. As you can recreate the memories that you have with your friends when you are still a student. And the design can be very easy, as it only needs your house or event area to be classroom looking. The games to be played can be charades, trivia questions, and more. It is like answering an exam when you are a student but more easier questions.

  1.  Christmas 

This idea can really confuse your neighbors. They might be asking on their head: “Why is my neighbor celebrating christmas on Halloween?” But it is also great as you can dress up as Santa, wear your sweaters, or just have a gifts as a prop to the party. You can also do exchange gifts with your friends. In short, it is like celebrating christmas on October.

  1.  Movie Marathon

Pretty basic or a normal idea for halloween party. But you can add a different twist like only play Horror Movies on black and white, and on a larger screen with a more louder sound to make the viewers be really scared during jumpscares. It is a great idea if you only have a little group of people to celebrate Halloween with.

  1. Sleepover

Why not make your neighbor more confused? You can invite all of your friends to a halloween party only wearing pajamas, bedroom gowns, or any sleeping attires. Your neighbor will be so confused and wonder why there are a lot of people coming into your house wearing pajamas. During the party, you can play games like pillow fight, best sleeping outfits, or play a game of tag with a blindfold on your eye.

  1.  Escape Room

As the genre has become more popular on Movies and television, the escape room is actually fun and interesting to do in real life, less violence of course. To give a little information about the game, you are trapped in a first room in where you have to find clues that will help you solve the next puzzle and find objects or things that can help you on your current puzzle and will save you on your next puzzle. To have the game a thriller effect, it can ba time limited game so the participants has to work fast to solve the puzzle. And the winner will be determined once they have escaped all the rooms and made it outside.

There are a lot of ideas, games, and themes that everyone can try during a Halloween Party. Halloween is not only a Holiday to scare everybody but a Holiday where you can enjoy, and celebrate with your friends, and families.