Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila

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Have you ever thought that drinking liquor could have health benefits? If not, it’s time to know about it. Many types of liquor have health benefits, and tequila is one of them. Tequila is distilled from the blue agave plant. It is the critical component in the sour and fruity margarita cocktail, considered Mexico’s national drink. This succulent plant is native to the Jalisco Highlands and the region surrounding tequila in the western state of Jalisco.

Only spirits manufactured in certain regions in Mexico from blue agave can use their name, which is legally protected. Mezcal is the name for a variety of agave-based alcoholic beverages.

It’s a weight loss aid.

Some legal advice for those trying to slim down is to abstain from alcoholic beverages. Just think about how much simpler it is to consume calories from liquids than from solids. However, tequila’s specific type of sugar has been shown to aid weight loss if consumed in moderation. As opposed to the more refined molecular structure of agave nectar, which causes a spike in blood sugar, agavins have no such effect. Thus, unlike other alcohol sugars, which are not so glycemic index friendly, many calories pass through the system unused. Also, it speeds up the metabolic rate and aids in the breakdown of lipids.

It’s a digestive aid.

After eating, a shot may help with digestion. Some recommend taking a shot before a meal to stimulate your metabolism and appetite and another dose afterwards to calm and aid digestion.

Third, it has probiotic properties.

It’s likely you already know what probiotics are, but just in case: they’re the good bacteria that already live in your gut. They are primarily responsible for the immune system and assist in maintaining homeostasis inside the body. These beautiful creatures are fed partly by the fructans used to make them.

However, becoming intoxicated is likely to reverse and destroy your body’s supply of good bacteria by stimulating your immune system to work overtime to deal with the toxins in any alcoholic beverage.

It’s prebiotic.

Prebiotics are like “groundworkers” that prepare the way for beneficial microorganisms to flourish. In other words, they make a home for themselves. This research suggests that the prebiotic qualities of tequila make the digestive tract a better place for beneficial bacteria to flourish.

Possible aid in the battle against osteoporosis

There they go again, the agavins! Several studies have found that they help the body absorb calcium, suggesting that they might be a valuable tool in the fight against bone fragility and brittleness.

Type 2 diabetes might be avoided.

Because fructans are indigestible, shots can be enjoyed sometimes by those with diabetes. As it passes through the body primarily undigested, it prevents the hazardous rise in blood sugar and increases insulin production.

The risk of dementia is reduced.

According to the BBC, research has found that those who drink moderate amounts of alcohol have a decreased risk of dementia in old age. But watch out! Furthermore, it revealed that heavy drinkers had significantly more risk of dementia.

It improves the absorption of medicines in the intestines.

Tequila’s fructans may be helpful for those with gastrointestinal conditions including Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis because they act as natural chemical transporters, shielding medications from stomach acid and ensuring they reach the colon where they are required. Researchers are considering using these fructans in potential treatments for specific illnesses.

It Reduces the occurrence of sleeplessness.

The sedative properties make it a good choice for those who suffer from anxiety or insomnia. One should avoid habitual reliance on any substance, alcohol in particular. However, you might need a little more to help you unwind every once in a while.

By Michael Caine

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