Heroin Withdrawal Rehab Center: Glimpse at Effective Treatments

Heroin Withdrawal Rehab Center

A person with exceptional willpower and an extraordinary support system can withdraw from drugs or alcohol on their own and stay sober. However, such a breed of people is rare on the earth. Besides, certain drugs like heroin are so addictive they can make your body produce harrowing symptoms upon withdrawal. Detox for alcoholics is super for you if you are worried about withdrawal syndrome.

So, a typical heroin addict needs professional treatment. It may feature medical detox, time in drug rehab in Florida, and/or medically assisted treatment (MAT), coupled with behavioral therapies, depending on the case. 

Professional treatments to treat heroin addiction

The following are the five established treatments to treat heroin addiction:

  • Medical detox
  • Rapid detox
  • Residential rehab
  • MAT
  • Naltrexone

Each treatment has its own pros and cons. Not all treatments suit everybody. Also, professionals may combine two or more treatments, as per the requirements in a case. For instance, an addict may undergo medical detox followed by an in-patient rehab program in one of the rehabs in Florida

Customized treatment 

It is important that treatment be customized as per the specific case of an individual. Professionals consider factors like severity of drug abuse, severity and type of symptoms experienced during withdrawal, the mental condition of the addict, physical health of the addict, age, family support, and others. 

Some addicts carry on with their work duties while undergoing a rehab program. In this case, outpatient rehab is suited. They may want to keep their addiction and rehab program under wraps. 

Some addicts need a more intensive rehab treatment and only an in-patient rehab program can help them. This usually happens in case of severe addiction wherein the person may be using heroin for decades. 

Rehabs like Daylight Detox are specialists in handling mild to severe addictions. They are dedicated to delivering permanent solutions to people addicted to substance abuse. 

More about residential rehab

Residential rehab treatments are usually of 30-90 days. The addict must stay inside the rehab center 24 hours daily. Treatments and facilities vary with centers. Many of them follow the 12-step program. Many reputable facilities address the physical and psychological issues of the addict. 

While helping a person withdraw from dangerous drugs like heroin, it is important to address his or her mental situation. Simply doing a medical detox without considering the person’s emotional needs can pave a path to relapse. This is because, in most cases, there is an emotional reason for the person to start taking a drug. 

If you or anybody you know is suffering from heroin addiction and need help, please call the addiction hotline today. 

In the beginning, it seems impossible to quit drugs. You may think you cannot live without heroin. But, at the end of a rehab program, you would probably laugh at how you thought you couldn’t live without heroin! 

Such is the positive effect of a structured rehab program that features a thorough heroin withdrawal treatment and behavioral therapy. 

Remember, heroin is just your addiction; it’s not your life. 

Heroin only delivers fleeting moments of pleasure. Most of the “blissful moments” that you experience under the influence of this drug are illusions. Life is much more blissful and real without drugs. 

Try life, instead of drugs. 

For more information, visit www.daylightdetox.com.

By Michael Caine

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