How big should your dining table be: How to choose the perfect size?

A dining table is often one of the biggest investments for a home. It’s a piece of furniture you will have and use for years, so you want to make sure you invest in the right one. 

Dining tables can serve many purposes, from sharing meals to doing homework, to playing board games, so when choosing the right size, you want one that suits your lifestyle and family needs. 

Whether you have a formal dining space or a small breakfast nook, the dining table is the star of the room, but you don’t want it to overwhelm the space or look too small. To choose a size that is just right, for both the room and your lifestyle, here are some tips to help you buy the perfect dining table. 

Measure the area 

Choosing the right size dining table can be hard, especially if you buy furniture online, and you don’t want to fall in love with a dining table only to find it will not fit in your dining room, so it’s best to measure the space before you start looking at various styles. 

Measure the length and width of the space the dining table will sit, whether you have a separate dining room or an open plan kitchen. You can use tape to give you a visual idea of how the dining table may fit within the room. This can also help you see how much space will be left to move around the table. 

When measuring out the space in your home, also factor in the dining chairs. You need space to pull out the chairs and still have enough room to walk around the perimeter of the table, so you’re not bumping into people when they’re seated. 

You don’t want a dining table that takes up the entire room, but you also need one big enough for everyone to be able to sit comfortably around it at the same time, and measuring the space is the best starting point for choosing the right size. 

Space for seating 

While you need your table to fit within the room’s parameters, if you have plenty of space, you may then want to consider if you actually need a big dining table or a smaller one is best. This can depend on how many people you usually have sitting around the table. 

If you regularly host dinner parties or your dining room is one of the busiest rooms in your home, from meals to work and homework, to games nights, you’ll want a large surface space that

offers plenty of seating. However, if you only have a few people sitting at the table at any one time, you may only want a small table with enough seating, but that doesn’t take up too much space. 

Dining tables come in a variety of sizes, from a two-seater to eight-seater tables. There are also extendable tables that offer more versatility with your dining table. 

Seating can impact how much space your dining table takes up. If you require a large surface space but don’t have a lot of space, consider chairs that push in snugly against the table, or bench seating that can be pushed under the table to make the most of your available space. If you have the storage space you can also store some of your dining chairs away when not in use. 

Versatility is an important factor to consider when buying a dining table, as you may want a dining table that allows you to seat more people when you have guests visiting. 

Consider the shape 

When thinking about the size of your dining table, you may also want to consider what shape you prefer, and what works best within your dining space. 

A rectangular dining table works well in a larger room and may be the right option for larger families and groups as it offers more seating. If you have open-plan space, a rectangular dining table can help break up the space and create a defined dining area, or it may also be the best choice if you have a long and narrow dining room. 

Round dining tables are great for smaller dining spaces, or for those who want to encourage easier conversation between everyone at the table. Round tables are also good for families with young children, as they have no harsh edges or corners and are easier to move around. 

Square dining tables may be a good choice if you want to create a breakfast nook and have your table sitting closer to the wall. A square dining table can be the best fit for smaller spaces or square rooms. 

Dining table shapes come in a variety of sizes, so no matter what shape you prefer, you can still find the right size for your home and dining needs.

Other furniture and decor 

Depending on the size and layout of your dining space you may have other pieces of furniture or decor in your dining room. As well as a dining table, some dining rooms also feature cabinets and shelving, or if you have an open plan dining area, you may have a sofa and coffee table sitting within the room. 

You want your dining table to fit along with other items sitting in the room without it being too crowded. This is where measuring your dining space will come in handy, but you can also play around with your furniture and move pieces around to create a dining setup you’re happy with. 

When you buy furniture online, whether a dining table, recliner chair or sofa, it’s always important to consider how it will fit within your home, both in terms of size and style.


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