How Long Does It Take To Design A Logo?

Your current business logo design is not cutting it these days, and you want to give a fresh look to your logo. Or you are just a start-up and want to have a simple but unique logo for your business. But how much time will it take before you can launch your new shiny logo design online? Will it take just a few days, months, or as long as a year? Designing logos is not easy unless you’re using an online logo maker. A lot of creative work is involved, frequently requiring a lot of time. 

The time it takes for a designer to design the logo depends on different factors. For instance, the process determined by the logo designers can be simple enough to complete the logo design on some days, while other times, it might be complicated enough to take months or even years. This article talks about how long it can take to design a logo and why this time varies.

#1. Client Meeting and Brief

The logo design process commences as soon as the client contacts and meets the logo designers. This process involves understanding the requirements and goals of the client’s business. Almost all logo makers prefer meeting their clients face-to-face as it takes down initial barriers and speeds up getting to know the client’s business process. 

The client meeting process can take at least two to five days. It depends on the available dates of the client. During the meeting with the client, you will get the opportunity to figure out how much time you can invest in the particular logo design project according to the requirements and goals of the client. 

Make sure to clear all your doubts and queries during the meeting so that the logo design online process can go smoothly and quickly. You can also avoid all pitfalls during the project. It’s better to send a logo design questionnaire to your client to know all about their expectations in less time. 

#2. Logo Design Proposal and Contract

Once you have understood the client’s business, requirements, and goals, it is time to create a logo design proposal and contract. This business logo design contract often includes all the details regarding a project, such as a deadline, timeline, costs, deliverables, and other terms and conditions. Once the contract has been prepared, send it to your client so that he or she can review and sign it. 

Finalizing the logo design online proposal and getting the contract ready and signed can take around 1 or 2 days. The contract is usually prepared quickly. However, sending it to the client, him or her reviewing the legalities, signing the contract, and then receiving the advance deposit could take one or more days. 

#3. Brand Research and Brainstorming Logo Design Ideas

After approval of the project proposal and signing of the contract, next the professional online logo maker will usually research the client’s brand. You should research their products and services, current brand assets, target audience, and many other areas that can help you design the logo following the client’s needs. 

You should also look at the branding of your client’s competitor so that you can create a logo design that can help your client stand out from his competitor. The brand research and brainstorming process can take one or two weeks. 

Although this step can be carried out in less time, it’s usually recommended that you take sufficient time for research as this is the main meat for the entire logo design online process. Rushing this process could cost you later. 

#4. Sketching and Designing Different Concepts

Before starting to work on the concept for your clients, it is better to go through your extensive library of logo reference books and design guides and try to build up some inspiration from them. This will help you start the creative process and get the brain into the right frame of mind for the next step. You can also browse online for some logo design ideas. 

Once you have found your inspiration next, you need to design different concepts. Usually, most designers prefer opting for design software. However, using a sketchbook and letting your imagination flow is much better. You can easily and quickly explore innovative logo design ideas by being free and loose with sketching. 

This way, it can take 3 to 4 days to sketch and design different concepts for logos. But if you find it difficult to develop any innovative logo design online idea, you can ask the client to give you some more days. 

#5. Concept Presentation and Review

Once you design different logo concepts and add colors and texts to the logos, it’s time to pick the ones you want to present to your client. The way you are going to present your logo designs is going to say a lot about the same. So, it is advisable to pick the presentation media very wisely. Presenting the logo design online can add a wow moment to your presentation. Or you can also show how different logo design concepts will look on the company’s products. 

It can usually take around one or two days to prepare the concept of the presentation and around three to four days for the clients to review your presentation. 

#6. Revisions and Approval

If your client wants you to revise the logo design online, it can take five to ten days to work on revisions and get the client’s final approval. 

Now that you are almost near completing the particular project, 5-10 days might sound like a lot to you. However, you must give your clients time to decide on their business-promoting strategy. 

#7. Delivery and Handoff

Once the client has approved the specific logo design online concept, now is the time for you to submit your invoice for the final balance payment of the project. After you have received your payment, you can create a file package of the client’s logo in all the major file formats. This step ensures the client has their logo in multiple formats and layouts in case it is part of the project scope. 

Also, don’t forget to transfer the logo’s copyright to the client using a simple copyright assignment form. It will give your client peace of mind that his company entirely owns the logo and will go ahead and trademark the logo. The entire delivery and handoff process can take around one or two days.

Final Word 

With this entire logo design process online, it will not be wrong to say that the logo design is not a 30 or 60-minute project. There is a lot of creative work and steps in this process that sometimes get overlooked. If you want to create a new logo for your business, you should have a time investment mindset rather than just a cost mindset. Instead of looking for a quick fix, it is best to invest in the logo maker who can give it all to design a logo that you can proudly use to promote your business.