How to get Peacock on a Smart TV?

This article will help you download the Peacock app on your device, find out if your TV supports it, and use Chromecast or AirPlay to access the app if it isn’t.

How to download the Peacock app on a Smart TV

Peacock TV can be accessed in the same way as other apps. You will need to search for it from the app store and sign up for an account. Peacock can be downloaded to a Samsung smart TV, Fire TV, or any other compatible streaming device. Also Read: best 65 inch tv under 600

These screenshots are taken from a Roku. However, these steps can be used to download the Peacock App across compatible TV platforms.

  1. Select Search from the Homepage menu to locate the Peacock app in the Roku Channel Store.
  2. Select the app result, then select Add channel to add it into your channel library.
  3. After it has downloaded, choose OK to open the app. You can also select Go To Channel or go back to the Homepage menu.
  4. Once you have opened the app, click Sign up to watch for free. You can sign in if you have an account.
  5. Enter your email address and password, and click Watch.

You can also add this channel via the web browser by visiting Roku’s Channel Store.If you are already a Peacock subscriber, search Peacock. Select Add Channell.

How to use Chromecast to watch Peacock content on your Smart TV

Chromecastis an alternative to Peacock if you prefer to sign up on a mobile device, computer or tablet. These steps will allow you to stream content from your Chromecast-enabled smart TV or mobile device.

  1. You can select content from the app, or the browser on your Chromecast enabled device.
  2. To stream, select the Chromecast icon.

Chromecast-enabled devices must be first-generation or newer models. TV models with Chromecast with Google TV or built-in Chromecast should also support streaming to smart TVs. Also Read: best tv for zwift

How to use AirPlay to stream Peacock TV

Another option for compatible smart TVs with compatible devices is AirPlay streaming via an iOS or Mac device.

AirPlay video streaming is supported by Macs running macOS Mojave (10.4.5) and iOS devices that run iOS 12.3 or later.

  1. Log in to your Peacock Account or open the app on the device to queue up the content that you wish to stream.
  2. To connect to your compatible smart TV, use a Mac to select the AirPlay symbol in the menu bar.
  3. You can press Play to adjust the display using the AirPlay drop-down menu. This menu is highlighted in blue when the Mac is turned on.

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How to find out if your Smart TV is supported by Peacock

Peacock is not available for all smart TVs. Peacock has a list of supported devices. This list includes the main categories of Android TV, Apple TV and Roku smart TVs.

  • Android TV : Compatible with the Peacock App are supported Android TVs like Sony Bravia, set-tops such as NVIDIA Shield and set-tops running Android 5.1 or newer.
  • Apple TV Fourth-generation and newer Apple TVs with tvOS 13 or greater
  • RokuTV: Roku TVs and a variety of Roku streaming devices are supported, including Roku 2 4210X and Roku Streaming Stick as well as Roku Express, Express, Express+ and Roku Premiere.
  • LG SmartTV: Models compatible with LG WebOS 3.5 or higher.