How to Play GTA 5 on Mobile?


Usually, beginners think that if all the modes of GTA are available on mobile, then the 5th\GTA5 will also be there. However, it is only their imagination because, officially, GTA5 is not available on mobile.

The reason behind it is a huge size; the developers were stuck on the question,” is it okay to play on mobile or not?” This confession was unsolved for 9 years. 

Moreover, now many sites are offering hacking tips to get it on the phone but; as these sites are not varied, there is a high chance of losing your PF on GTA5. Well, no issue today we’ll be discussing the presented method that can work for iPhone and Android. 

GTA 5 on Mobile H2

Firstly, we’ll use the steam link; this method is 99% verified, so the chances of bugs are low. Steps to follow for playing GTA 5 app on Mobile.

  1. Download the steam link app to play GTA 5 app. It is available on the play store/app store. This app doesn’t contain viruses, so you don’t need to worry about your phone. 
  2. After downloading, open the steam link application on your iphone\android. This app will automatically scan the QR and connect to any nearby running steam link customer.
  3. Tap on the play button to start. After the click, the screen will turn on Big Picture mode and widen the view. This step is also the most important because it gives the effect of PC mirroring.
  4. Choose GTA 5 from the steam library collection and press the play click. Doing this will connect your PC GTA5 screen to the smartphone and act like a game’s wireless controller. Players can operate a whole game set up on their phone for as long as they want if both devices are near each other.

Moreover, suppose the players are trying to have extreme quality. In that case, external controllers are available, which may improve the game’s quality and clear out all the controls, torch and many more.

Tips and bonus points for the beginners

  • GTA 5 has a Checklist where different tasks are opened, the competition of tasks takes a while, but it is very important not because of the prices you’ll have but the amount of experience you’ll earn. 
  • Like the checklist, there is a bunch of driving task called “All wheel drive” in the beginning. The task may seem easy but will get hard task by task, so be careful with it.
  • In the levels of GTA5 application, the amount of sniping task is high; however, the kill task is more defined and easy with sniping. It can give you many benefits but having a nice grip on it is hard too. So in my free time try to train different snipers. 
  • In the robbery or crime task, try to be completely armored and be as hidden as possible because sometimes in small crime task such as truck robbery can make you wanted and give you wholesome trouble there.

This is all for this short but informative blog post if you need anything to ask please uses the comment section below.


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