How to Treatment Hemorrhoids (Piles) at home Indefinitely?

To get rid of your piles, you may have visited several doctors. You may have taken different medicines. Changed your diet. But how did it go? So Get the Best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

Although a laser treatment may be a complete cure for your condition however, natural remedies are the best in the event that you can do them right.

For those who are trying to heal piles with natural remedies at home This article offers tips for treating hemorrhoids (piles) at your home?

9 Tips to Treat Hemorrhoids at home?

1. Aloe Vera

It’s not wrong to call aloe vera the most powerful of medicinal plants. Whatever the illness and what it is, aloe vera, whether in one way or other is able to treat it.

Aloe vera gel is endorsed by the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health has certified aloe vera as a natural and safe remedy for hemorrhoids.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce itching and discomfort to a large degree. The only thing you need to do is rub the gel to the areas that are affected. Be aware that you’ll need to be very careful when doing this. Do not push the gel too hard.

If we talk about how to get the gel out The process is simple. Simply cut a new leaf then the gel should begin flowing from the cut. Apply it directly using your finger.

2. Warm Epsom Salt Bath

Another remedy at home for hemorrhoids is to take a relaxing tub containing Epsom salt.

Things you’ll need to have for this:

Epsom salt

Plastic tub

Warm water

It’s simple, isn’t?

After you have finished the ingredients, put the warm water in the tub that is made of plastic and Epsom salt. Then, you can relax in a soak in a sitz bath or take an entire bath with a full Epsom salt bath lasting for about 20 minutes.

To get the best results, continue the 20-minute baths following every bowel motion.

This will eventually improve your condition and lessen discomfort.

3. Witch Hazel

The two most prominent manifestations of piles are itching and pain. If you use witch hazel to treat hemorrhoids, you can alleviate the two discomforts. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel could help reduce swelling, too.

It sounds like a great solution, doesn’t it?

All you have be doing is to apply witch hazel in the form of a liquid to the area that is affected by hemorrhoids. Repeat this process twice every day, and you will notice your condition getting better.

Other products that witch hazel is available in include anti-itch wipes and soaps.

4. Do not use Toilet Paper; employ smooth wipes

Another option to eliminate hemorrhoids in your home is to stop the use of toilet paper. Although it’s less brittle than the paper used in book covers, it’s rough to clean if hemorrhoids are present.

Another option that can be soothing is to use soft wet wipes. This can help you remove the dirt without irritation, easing down itching and pain and itching.

In addition, as we mentioned previously you could also apply the wipe along using other ingredients to treat hemorrhoids, such as aloe vera gel as well as witch hazel.

Note: Before using wipes, be sure it’s not contaminated with alcohol, perfumes or other skin irritations. Inattention to this can cause the symptoms rather than easing them.

5. Cold compress

You might have tried cold compresses for one reason or another time in your life. Many people utilize ice packs to ease muscular discomfort.

It’s a great idea: it works on piles too.

If you or someone you know is suffering from hemorrhoids. One of the easiest methods to relieve the pain is by applying cold compresses. It is also possible to make use of an ice pack.

What you must do is apply the pack to your anus for about 15 minutes at an attempt often throughout the day.

This eases swelling and decreases itching and pain as well.

6. Wear loose Cotton Cloths

Hemorrhoids result in itching, irritation and pain in the area around your anus. If you wear a tight pair of jeans or any other fabric made of polyester on your legs is likely to make the problem worse.

You never know when you’ll get itchy or healing hemorrhoids, so it’s better to wear clothing that isn’t likely to cause the same sensations to your body.

If you’re suffering from piles, you should always try to wear loose and breathable cotton cloths.

It also helps keep the area around the anal clean and dry , which is beneficial for healing.

7. Use Ointments

Each local chemist you will have a range of ointments available over the counter to treat hemorrhoids.

These creams are designed to ease itching, pain and swelling, providing relief, so you can eliminate piles of.

Simply apply the cream on the anal region and let it be this way.

8. Fix your Digestive System

Piles is an issue that is caused by poor diet, which causes the expansion of hemorrhoids inside the rectum. Constipation is the most likely cause. digestive system can be an issue in this situation.

The best thing you could do is to work on it. Improve your diet. Get it to be rich in fiber. Do not eat junk food items. Consider taking medication for constipation.

There are also stool softeners, such as psyllium. This can aid in having rapid and comfortable constipation.

9. Epsom Salt with Glycerine

Another method by which you can utilize Epsom salt to treat hemorrhoids is using it along with Glycerine.

Glycerine has been used for many years for its soothing properties on the skin as well as healing qualities. Are you aware of how it can magically heal the skin that is rough and damaged?

It’s no wonder that it’s appropriate for treating situations like piles too.

To apply this treatment, follow the steps below.

Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons Epsom salt with 2 tablespoons of glycerine.

Incubate a gauze pad with the mixture and place it on the areas of pain.

It’s that simple. for 15 to 20 minutes

Repeat the procedure every 4 to 6 hours for optimal results until the pain has subsided

Consult with a Surgeon for Piles Treatment in Kolkata.

How can I Prevent Hemorrhoids (Piles)?

While you are able to try anything from a treatment for LASER piles to piles-related remedies at home, illnesses are most effective when they are treated early.

The most effective option to avoid piles is to consume food that is rich in fiber, easy to digest, and also healthy at the same time. Any food that is spicy could be your greatest enemy when you’re suffering from or are trying to keep yourself from getting piles.

Additionally, hemorrhoids tend to be swelling when you sit at the same spot for long periods of time. Try to add an exercise routine into your routine. Participating in a gym can benefit you in the long run on the health aspect.

Additionally take a drink of water. Do not strain when taking a stool. Also, avoid being on the toilet for prolonged periods. It can cause bacteria that cause piles.

Final words

Piles is among the most painful serious conditions that affects humans. The disease can have a number of consequences, such as issues with standing, sitting as well as passing stool!

As with any other condition it has treatment options. In this article we will discuss some of the more effective home remedies to treat piles.