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Imagine you have a paper due tomorrow and haven’t started it. You power up your HP laptop and start typing, but nothing appears on the screen. You can’t fix your HP laptop’s broken keyboard.

This condition is common. Many HP laptop owners, especially those with older machines, have this problem and don’t know how to remedy it. The FIX has steps to diagnose your problem.

It’s frustrating when your HP laptop’s keys stop working. Time and work will be squandered. How to fix HP laptop keyboard? Unresponsive HP laptop keyboard? Are you like thousands of HP users? Relax! We’ll help you fix your HP laptop’s keyboard. We’ve provided easy fixes for this problem.

What Causes HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working 

A fairly frequent issue that occasionally appears in every other HP laptop is the keyboard not working. With older, more widely used devices, the severity and frequency of these faults are especially very high. following are some of the most typical problems that cause the HP laptop keyboard to stop working:

  • A faulty driver is installed – It may happen that your Windows version does not support this installed driver or the driver is simply faulty. So, your keyboard may not work until it is uninstalled.
  • Using older driver versions– Outdated keyboard drivers are another possible reason for keyboard not working. You should update your keyboard driver.
  • Damaged keys – It might also be possible that the keys are damaged due to some physical cause. Your keys may go out of work if the laptop is pretty old.

In addition to these causes, any incorrect configuration or setup error may also result in the HP laptop keyboard not working. As a result, you must thoroughly examine each and every detail.

What To Do If HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

Don’t worry if you feel like a “victim” of this uncalled-for issue. The problem of an unresponsive keyboard on an HP laptop can be resolved in a few reliable ways. Here, we offer some tried-and-true techniques that will unquestionably assist you in resolving your keyboard-related issues. Our experienced specialists have tried and approved these solutions, and they will unquestionably offer you a fix for your broken HP laptop keyboard.

Here are some actions you can take to address this issue:

Perform A Clean Boot

Unquestionably, rebooting is one of the finest solutions to fix any type of keyboard-related issues. Your computer may occasionally experience excessive lagging or freezing, making it impossible for you to type anything. Rebooting is the most effective solution in this case to fix the problem. The internal issues are fixed throughout this process, and your system is also refreshed.

Connect an External USB Keyboard

Whether restarting your laptop doesn’t help, try connecting an external USB keyboard and seeing if that fixes the problem. If the external keyboard functions well, your HP laptop’s keyboard hardware may be the cause of the issue. You should take your HP laptop to the The FIX store closest to you as soon as possible to have the highly skilled expert laptop specialists fix it.

If the external keyboard is also inoperable, there might be a problem with the software settings. Continue to the following step to solve this.

Reinstall Keyboard Driver

Reinstalling the keyboard driver is another option after deleting it. The keyboard driver can then be uninstalled from there. Simply restart your laptop after uninstalling to reinstall the drivers.

Update Keyboard Driver

When new keyboard driver upgrades are published, older ones no longer receive support. By selecting the keyboard settings under Control Panel>Device Manager, you can upgrade your keyboard driver. From there, look for and install any keyboard driver updates.

HP Laptop Keyboard not Working | Reset Keyboard Settings

You can also decide to reset the keyboard settings to resolve the HP laptop keyboard not working issue. To do this, click the Start button and choose Settings. After that, select the Region & Language button located on the left side of the pane by clicking the Time & Language button. Ensure that English is set as the default language (United States). In order to reset your keyboard’s settings, select reset to default.

These are a few of the tried-and-true solutions to the HP laptop keyboard not working problem. If none of these techniques are successful in helping you, there might be a hardware problem. Visit the The FIX shop closest to you for a quick and reliable fix to your issue.

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