Immersive Lifestyle: Reasons To Love Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Why love virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an immersive technology experience that allows people to feel, hear, and see real things that are not physically in their presence. Virtual reality can accomplish this by recreating these sensory experiences; this includes virtual sight, sound, and touch. People love VR because it can simulate anything you desire. It may not be a perfect replica, but the feeling it gives is unmatched. Other immersive technologies cannot entirely change your surroundings to emulate the environment and scenarios you desire. 

Why do you need augmentation?

On the other hand, augmented reality alters the real world instead of creating an artificial one. AR is valuable because it uses immersive technology to translate digital objects into real-life scenarios. One example is seeing a piece of virtual furniture rendered in your room scaled to proportion through a lens. The render is not displayed in a replica of your room but rather in your room itself since AR lenses are transparent. There is an abundance of other applications for AR, especially when an AR/VR company develops a custom application for you. 

How can both be a good option?

Augmented reality and virtual reality have their virtues, but what about combining them or using them simultaneously? Alone they create powerful tools for your business needs. By using them both,  you can open many more doors. However, to make the most of these tools, recognize their differences and what you can utilize each for—using VR in a preliminary stage and AR before a production stage sets a solid foundation for projects to be built upon.  Immersive tech allows for more issues and pinch points to be caught and determined during the planning process, thus reducing costly late process alterations.

How do you make virtual reality enriching?

A custom application development company is your best bet of gaining the most enrichment from using virtual reality. It may be for yourself or your company, but virtual reality adds to the efficiency and quality of your processes. A software company in Calgary, VizworX, specializes in immersive technologies. You can use VR as a sales pitch by having one of these custom application development companies develop a virtual application for you to give people to demo a particular product or experience. Use VR to gain a competitive advantage. 

Versatility of VR

There are endless possibilities since virtual reality is digitally crafted, not based on reality. These highly trained individuals can provide you with insights you did not think were possible. And with the new advancement of meta prescription lenses, players can now delve into VR games without having to compromise sight or comfort, and you can even 3D print them at home. Any environment you wish to is possible with VR and a custom application development company.  


You can use AR/VR for internal improvement as well. AR/VR companies can create AR/VR applications specifically for internal processes. One way for this to happen is to use an AR headset as a training tool. Instead of reading information on paper, experience training in an AR headset to help expand your knowledge.  

Working better with your team

As mentioned before, augmented reality and virtual reality are great tools to use for training purposes, but there are also other ways to use these immersive technologies in team settings. With virtual reality, you can collaborate with others in a virtual environment. An AR/VR company can create virtual spaces for people to work together. Collaborate and coordinate with team members using solutions developed by and through working alongside custom application development companies. Being in a virtual environment allows for a greater sense of immersion. VR is more immersive than your physical environment because everything in the VR set is intentional and thus removes any distractions. 

Virtual and augmented reality add value in any business setting. With AV/AR,  a tool leveraged by sophisticated custom application development companies, the possibilities are endless. Software companies in Calgary, like VizworX, are dedicated to improving their clients’ work quality and collaboration using immersive technologies.