Invest in Property in Malta

Invest in Property in Malta

Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, located about 100 km south of Sicily. The three main islands of this nation are Malta, Gozo and Comino. The warm Mediterranean weather along with the warmth of hospitality of the inhabitants of this tiny European nation attracts people from all over the world to invest in real estate in Malta. As elsewhere, the opportunity to buy property in Malta is considered a sign of success, and for this people are respected in society. However, it is not uncommon for people from overseas to invest in property in malta. The island’s position in the heart of the Mediterranean makes buying and living in Malta affordable for Europe and the rest of the world. In fact, Air Malta, the island’s national airline, and other low cost airlines serve the island on a daily basis. If someone decides to change ownership in Malta, then resale of the property is permitted. You can rent your property to third parties, although there are some restrictions. Repatriation of the full resale price, including profit after taxes, is allowed without complications; Home loans are available for the purchase of real estate by non-residents or non-citizens of Malta residing on the islands, after obtaining permission from the Central Bank of Malta. You can borrow as much as you like from local banks, subject to established commercial terms. Ultimately, buying property in Malta makes sense from every angle.

What attracts people from all over the world to invest in real estate in Malta? Is it the weather? Is it a way of life or is it a fantasy of owning a piece of property in a historically and culturally rich country? We may never know for sure. It can be either one reason or a combination of all reasons! Even if you skim through the history of Malta, the country has been ruled by a number of empires: Greek, Roman, Phoenician, French and then British. This is largely due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean and the wonderful warm climate. The Maltese economy has experienced strong growth since independence from the UK in 1964 and this, combined with the fact that Malta is now part of the European Union, has made it a magnet for immigrants and investors.

Given its rich history and culture, investing in property in Malta would be a wise move due to the sudden surge in property prices that has taken place in recent years. When you buy a property in Malta, its value increases by an incredible proportion, which also makes it the best place to invest in the world. Malta has opened its doors to medical tourism. Moreover, Malta is a popular destination among tourists from all over the world!

People in this country have generally adapted to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. They speak English and are mostly Christian. If you are considering investing in property in Malta, this does not necessarily mean that you have to stay there just to look after your property. While on the one hand you can be sure that you have made a sound investment (in real estate), on the other hand, proper maintenance and care of your property will not cost you much. Today there is no more reliable investment in the world than real estate, especially in Malta!

What property in Malta is worth buying? Well, you can buy any property that suits your taste, style and budget. Zanzihomes have always been very popular with buyers. However, try to stick to current trends when you buy something. Even if you are completely new to Malta, you can always find a local agency that can help you to purchase homes in malta.

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