Is It Time to Replace Your AC Unit Completely?

Air conditioners have a shelf life, just like any other household appliance. Assuming regular upkeep, they can continue serving their purpose reliably for up to 15 years. Owners who hire licensed HVAC professionals once a year for maintenance are among the most discerning consumers in the market for a cooling system.

Does Your AC Need to Be Replaced?

This can be answered by considering the following essential questions:

  • Is my unit old?
  • Is my unit frequently failing?
  • Do I pay a lot for cooling system repair?

If you’re considering replacing your current unit with a brand new one, answering these three questions may help you decide.

The expertise of an HVAC technician for maintenance purposes is often sufficient for newer models. However, if your equipment is older, repairs might not be enough. If your unit fails to produce cold air or has weak airflow, this is a major warning sign that it needs to be replaced.

You need to act if your air conditioner gives your home a stale, foreboding odor. Do not put up with a cooling system that constantly squeals or makes strange, grating noises. Water pooling around your air conditioner likely indicates a serious problem requiring expert attention.

Hire Experts

Regarding your HVAC system, you need to work with technicians with years of experience. They are proficient in diagnosing issues with any air conditioner. They are adept at resolving existing problems. They can even prevent minor problems within a unit from snowballing out of control.

An annual air conditioner tune-up could save you time and comfort. Service your home’s AC before summer. A trained professional can tune up your air conditioner to avoid repairs and other problems. Edwards Air Enterprise has been serving the Jupiter, FL area for more than 30 years, and during that time, they’ve become the go-to experts for HVAC services. We are the best company to choose from if you need a new air conditioner installed in your home. Get in touch!