Lost Ark Will Get The First Legion Raid And A New Class

Lost Ark developers recently said that players have been able to see the upcoming new content in last month’s April & May Roadmap. They believe players have reached the required item level to take part, and if some players haven’t already, they can also reach the required item level in the next few weeks. So they brought new activities into Arkesia at the right time.

If some players still have not reached the required item level, they should not feel pressured. Just explore the game at their own pace and buy Lost Ark Gold to level up for more fun. And this May, Lost Ark will have more new content to meet players. We can expect what kind of experience it will give us. I hope it can be better!

Destroyer Advanced Class

In combat, nothing is more catastrophic than a hammer-wielding Destroyer. They are able to unleash their hammer attacks using a variety of skills centered on dashing into the center of the fight, which will do a lot of damage. And Destroyer can also bend gravity at will. Whether it’s slowing, launching, pushing or pulling enemies, there will be massive staggered damage, oh that’s cool! It will join Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer as the fourth Warrior Advanced Class.

Legion Raid – Valtan (Normal and Hard Modes)

The Western version of Lost Ark will get the first Legion Raid. It requires teamwork to understand and execute the strategies to counter each Legion Commander’s unique traits, abilities, and mechanics. This is a very challenging activity and very time-consuming, so players can save their progress at some gates or checkpoints. Whereas Valtan is an 8-man Legion quest with 2 gates and a ton of new mechanics introduced.

But this also requires player to improve their level fast. In fact, it is so frustrating for some low-level players! Only players who have reached level 1415 can try normal difficulty, and if you want to try hard, you need to be level 1445. Valtan Legion Raid has also added a new rarity for gear “Relic”. It offers more impactful armor and weapon bonuses, as well as larger stat bonuses and more engraving nodes on accessories.

We can find out more about the update on the official website. And now all we can do is buy enough cheap Lost Ark Gold by IGGM.com before the new content arrives so that we can have more fun at the new event!

Lost Ark(PC)

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