Making a Clever Extending Paragraph for Your Essay

Extending Paragraph for Your Essay

Revisit the beginning and conclusion of your article to ensure that it is complete.

When writing a paper, it is common for ideas to shift. If the introduction was the first thing you wrote, go back and reread the first paragraph. It is possible that important material that aids the reader in understanding your argument has been left out. Make certain that your conclusion summarises the most essential points in the essay and provides a solution for the reader to consider. Revisions may be made to the document if you are not pleased with the outcome of your effort.

Proofread your paper with the help of a friend or relative.

Even if you’re short on time, a friend, sibling, or parent may be willing to read your work for you and provide specific notes on any places that puzzle them. Rewrite the areas that were unclear, using more information to assist readers in comprehending what was being said. In order to ensure that you haven’t missed any important details, it may be a good idea to have someone else go over your work before submitting it. For more info please visit

Utilize Quotations to Your Advantage

Most likely, you’ve already referenced the work of someone else. Quotes are an effective approach for increasing the word count of a paper; nevertheless, they should not be used just for the purpose of increasing the word count. If you’re running low on words, go back through your source materials to see if you’ve overlooked any essential quotes that you should include. You may also wish to do more research to see if there are any other sources that can be used to support your argument. Even while lengthier quotations aren’t always preferable, you may find yourself wanting to extend some of the current quotes if you find yourself in a bind. If you need essay help, please visit our website.

Re-read your Outline to make sure everything is correct.

When you first started writing on the essay, did you create an outline to guide you through the process of organising your thoughts? By looking through your initial plan again, you can ensure that you have covered all of the things you wanted to. In certain cases, you may have overlooked something critical to your argument, something that would allow you to lengthen the length of your essay while also boosting its overall quality.

Make more use of transitional phrases in your writing.

Teachers often seek for traditional linking words such as “therefore,” “even though,” and “on the other hand,” as well as more modern alternatives. Check to see that your essay is grammatically accurate and that the words flow into one another smoothly. Make certain they do so by using transitional words such as the ones listed above. You’ll get closer to finishing the needed amount of pages, and your writing will get easier to read as time goes on.

Read your paper aloud to yourself.

When you read your work aloud, you may catch any grammatical or syntactical flaws that may have slipped through the cracks throughout the writing process. It is possible that you may end up lengthening your work as a result of rephrasing the sentences to remedy this issue. When you are reading aloud, you may notice that a paragraph does not provide enough information. If this is the case, go back to the page and add extra material to make it more comprehensive.

Take a break from your essay writing and relax.

After hours of staring at your computer screen, you’ve almost certainly given up and then given up again a few more times. Take a deep breath. Take a walk, grab a food, or phone a friend to pass the time. After taking a break from the essay, you may return to it with new ideas and a different point of view.

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