Marketing Myopia

Marketing is the way by which organizations market their products and services to customers and build up brand awareness. Marketing is also called brand positioning. Marketing is an essential element of business. Marketing is an essential component of business. Marketing is the most crucial element of business.

Definition Of Marketing

Marketing refers to the act by which an organization undertakes to identify its target consumer base, create a positive brand image to make value from that brand image, and then engage its target market to acquire value from the brand image. The primary objective of marketing is to identify, anticipate, and overcome customer objections and enhance the acceptance of the product or service. Marketing, therefore, is a concept that encompasses many processes that help to promote the sale of a product or service to a target consumer.

Marketing activities fall into three categories: selling, promotion, and public relations. The selling activities are primarily concerned with bringing buyers into the selling process. Selling is the first step towards the development of a sales strategy and marketing research will help identify what sells. Promotion is designed to raise awareness of a product or service. Raising awareness can be in the form of podcasts, where marketers can buy Spotify streams to reach more people, or through ads and billboards, where different strategies are used. Public relations (or marketing) are efforts aimed at ensuring the success of marketing strategies through positive publicity.

Marketing Management Is A Set Of Marketing Concepts Used To Guide An Organization’s Marketing Activities

These marketing concepts help determine how the company should proceed in order to maximize profits while minimizing its environmental impact. Marketing management seeks to align the strategies and actions of all the different marketing functions in a common effort to enhance the overall quality of the company’s products and/or services. The various marketing management functions include research, product development, pricing, promotion, public relations, and customer service. A key strategy in marketing management is to ensure that the goals and objectives of the marketing functions are in alignment with the strategic business goals of the organization.

Marketing management aids in finding the most profitable business opportunities. The term marketing management is not related to the advertising or selling of a product. It is basically a set of activities that help support the development and growth of a business. There are four marketing concepts in marketing management: market segmentation, demand positioning, and brand positioning. Market segmentation helps determine what target market a particular firm will be able to serve, while demand segmentation focuses on establishing what subset of the target market a firm will be able to serve.

Customer Orientation

This marketing concept entails that firms develop and consistently maintain a consistent approach to satisfying consumers. Consumer satisfaction is crucial to increasing profitability. For instance, firms must take care to design marketing campaigns that satisfy consumers in terms of product design, price, promotion, and service. Developing a coordinated marketing strategy is a key aspect of satisfying consumers and this requires that a firm develop a clear marketing concept.

Product Concept

Product concept allows marketers to provide consumers with a complete product offering. For instance, a new shampoo might come with a conditioner, a body scrub with exfoliating soap, and a health and beauty pack with vitamins and herbal extracts. A well-constructed product concept can satisfy consumers in terms of the core elements of the offering and also in selecting additional elements for use beyond the core elements.


Marketing myopia is a major contributor to the failure of many firms in today’s marketplace. Firms that are focused primarily on selling their products without developing a complete marketing concept are doomed to fail. Sales are sure to suffer if a firm is solely focused on selling its products and neglects to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. The above strategies allow marketers to build a strong foundation upon which to develop and sell excellent products that meet or exceed the requirements of their consumers.