Moroccan Lamps – Make Your Home Shine With Moroccan Lighting

Everyone tends to neglect their home lighting. With a few changes and a small budget, it is possible to change the way he or she ever thought about lighting.

Lighting in any room of your home can be as important to your mood as exercising regularly or eating healthy daily. Vitamin-rich foods make your body feel good and in turn affect your mood, which can affect your productivity levels. Believe it or not, proper home moroccan lighting can be just as important. Not only does this help our ability to perceive the world around us, but it can also affect our mood and therefore affect our decision making in certain cases.

The first step in choosing the right home lighting is to determine the mood you want to create, followed by the color scheme, light intensity, and design.

Moroccan henna lamps are becoming the number one lighting style of choice for most interior designers due to their bright, calming light and level of craftsmanship. Did you know that no two henna lamps are exactly the same? They may look the same, but by carefully examining every detail of the lamp, you will come to the same conclusion. The reason is that all henna lamps are made by hand, and each master has a different design. Different henna pastes are also used, and even forged frames are varied.

Henna lamps come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Most use bright Moroccan colors such as yellow, orange, red or even blue. They are readily available in sizes 14-16 inches, 30-35 inches and can be as large as 70 inches or more. Smaller models can be used as table lamps to highlight any countertop. On the other hand, taller models can be used as floor lamps that will bring life and grandeur to any living space in your home.

Another type of Moroccan lighting that has dazzled more than once is Moroccan stained glass lanterns. They are usually handcrafted by local artisans in Morocco using centuries-old traditions passed down from generation to generation. Like henna lamps, they also come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. The colored glass of these lanterns comes in a variety of colors that will either match or accentuate any home d├ęcor. The light shining through the hand-carved metal reflects magically through the Moroccan-inspired colors, making walls and ceilings breathtaking.

With the help of candles or light bulbs, these handcrafted lanterns reflect a radiant and bright light that soothes your brain, yet sparkles on your walls for a delightful atmosphere. Unlike henna lamps, which emit a uniform light, stained glass lanterns create geometric patterns wherever light passes through window panes. Therefore, these two different types of moroccan wall lights will create a different mood. If you’re looking for color accents with highlights, then you’re probably looking for a stained glass lantern; however, if you want to create a more relaxed, relaxed atmosphere, then henna lamps are the perfect light to create a lounge vibe.

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