Must-Have Top 7 Chrome Apps for 2022

It was announced that the Chrome to Phone app will be disabled in March of 2021. It was designed for Android users to send web links directly to their phones from their Chrome browser. If you’re crushed by this news, we suggest you try Push bullet. In fact, we actually like this app better. In just two clicks, you can send files and links between your devices and you can also send and receive SMS messages from your computer. Some other apps you might want to check out as you organize your digital life for the New Year are as follows:

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1: Wunderlist

If you’re drowning in to-do lists at home and at work, this app allows you to sync your lists, set due dates and reminders so you don’t miss out on anything, and share your lists with your colleagues and loved ones so you can collaborate on what needs to get done. It works for any device, is organized with accessible folders, and as a fun little aside for you social media mavens, you can add hashtags to give further context to what needs to get done.

2: Minimalist for Everything

This is the go-to app for anything who desires simplicity in a fragmented world. It’s an ad blocker and allows you to declutter your Gmail (like getting rid of the right message sidebar) and Google Reader to make you more productive.  And if you find the look of Gmail atrocious, this is one of the few apps that allows you to customize its appearance.

3: Tab Snooze

Take a sec to count the number of tabs you have open right now and aren’t using. Probably a couple dozen, we presume? This app allows you to snooze your tabs until you need them. You can even snooze a tab for a couple of hours if you want to read it much later. Hibernating tabs are also organized by sleeping date.

4: Evernote Web Clipper

If you’re a curator of articles and information on the web but you’re sick of bookmarks, this is a cleaner way to clip web pages as you browse. It’s easy to organize and find on any device. If you have an Evernote account it’s easy to save it to that but it works well for Gmail, YouTube, and Amazon as well.

5: Google Dictionary

This is a great every day, time-saving app if you’re a writer but if you’re also perusing different websites and want a quick definition of a word, just double click on it and it’ll pop up. There’s little lag and definitions tend to be elaborate or descriptive. It’s good for a check-up of what a word means.

6: Turn Off the Lights

Streaming videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu just became a cinema-like experience. This app installs a lamp button on your page and when you click it, the page goes dark–no more “bright white light background to YouTube). And if you want the lights to pop back up, you can do that with just one click. It not only allows you to focus better on the video you’re streaming, but there are also tons of options to customize the background, watching it in widescreen mode, and it’s super simple to use.

7: Panic Button

If you’re playing browser games or purchasing a gift for your spouse on eBay while you’re at work and you see your boss making a beeline for your desk, this app comes in very handy. With just a single keystroke, all of your tabs will go into hiding mode. And with just another click of a button, those tabs will be restored–once your supervisor is out of sight! It puts an exclamation point in your navigation bar and saves your tabs in a temporary bookmarks folder so you don’t lose anything.