Necessary Campervan Maintenance Check Outs Before Travelling

It is better to check out vehicles before starting to travel to any place. Especially if you have a campervan, then you should take advantage of the facility of habitation services. Going on a campervan is worth all of it as it provides home-like facilities. Whether you are going to attend a festival or on tourism, Campervan Habitation is crucial for a safe journey. Moreover, it is critically important to live a peaceful life in it. As it is used for residential purposes too.

What Does Campervan Habitation Mean?

It is the procedure to assess the van. The assessment includes the checking of fridges, heaters, truma boilers, damps, seals, electricity, and water supplies. Campervans are those kinds of vans that are specifically designed for living purposes. It is not wrong to say that they are home on wheels. The best thing about them is that one can drive them to any place they want. Owing to having home-like facilities, people don’t need to book and check in at hotels. However, there are some restrictions on campervans that they don’t have proper toilets but portable toilets.

Keep your vehicle maintained to ensure its safety. Habitation is the complete assessment of the vehicle to find faults and then fix them accordingly. That’s why checking out each part before starting the journey is important. There are multiple ways of vehicle habitation. However, getting the help of professionals who have expertise in their respective fields is beneficial from all aspects.

Essential Maintenance Checking Elements Before Starting a Journey

Where you want to go, always check out some necessary elements before starting your journey. The reason for doing this is that it will keep your journey smooth and safe. Otherwise, think of the situation when your van stops working at a place where you cannot get mechanical services. It not only puts you in tension but also causes financial and time loss. Here is the complete checklist regarding campervan maintenance.

Safety Checks

Before starting the journey, it is essential that you do some security checks on your vehicles. For example, tyre tread, horn, tyre pressure, brakes, seats and lights. You will face trouble if any system fails during travelling. What things you need to ensure are given here:

  • The vehicle horn is properly working.
  • Ensure tyre tread is worth for roads.
  • Check that your window screen does not have any scratches.
  • Your vehicle’s lights, brakes, hazards, and indicators should work properly.
  • Above all, test horns, and brakes.

Visual Inspection

Thoroughly check the campervan both from inside and outside to find faults and issues. For example, look for blemishes, dents and rust on the exterior parts. On the other hand, remove grime and residual dirt from the interiors. Because if they are left over, then they cause damage and destruction with time. In addition, mould and damp are common issues of the campervan in the winter. They are not only problematic for vehicles, but also for your health too. Immediately address the issue if you find any watermark, musty smell or sign of water damage. Ventilate your vehicle properly by opening the windows whenever it is possible.

Tyre Assessment

The most important thing is to check the condition of the tyres. Because campervans are heavy vehicles and they carry heavy loads. That’s why keeping the tyre in proper condition eradicates the issues of tear and puncture. Also look for tread depth, sidewall cracks, bulges and lumps. Because the tyres of long-standing vehicles often deteriorate especially in winter. 

Above all, checking tyre pressure is equally important. Otherwise, you will lose control of your vehicle if the pressure is low on the ground. Other factors like wheel alignment and tread depth are integral from a safety point of view too.

Gas System

Gas systems also come in the habitation process. Ensure that there should not be any kind of leakage from pipes. In addition, the pressure should be correct. Moreover, if you are using gas heaters, then check their gas system too. Similarly, look out for how much gas is left in your cylinders.

Electrical Appliances

The fridge, lighting, air conditioner and multiple small devices are part of campervans. Ensuring their proper maintenance and their functionality will make your journey more enjoyable. Otherwise, you will face trouble if any one of them is not working.

Battery Check

Always check your van battery within six weeks. It is a best practice to avoid the issue of dead battery on roads. Because the functionality of the battery could have been affected due to the long-standing of the vehicle.

Pipe Cleaning

Clean your pipes with diluted Milton fluid. Then flush out with water after sterilizing the all pipes. It is important because the leftover inactive bacteria will start to grow once the winter is gone.

Concluding Remarks

The conclusion of this blog is that always do the necessary habitation of campervan before travelling. It is cost-effective and time-saving. Especially from the financial and time point of view. Maintain each part by having a proper vehicle habitation on time.