PECHS or Pakistan Representatives Agreeable Lodging Society Islamabad is an approved lodging plan viable starting around 1989. This general public is an ideal residing place for low pay or fixed financial plan families.

Assuming that you are searching for long haul interest in the government capital Islamabad then PECHS is your best venture with an open door. The Architects of the general public are the Senior Government Officials who are likewise working in various areas of Islamabad.

PECHS is situated in Islamabad which is eminent for its exclusive requirement living styles, security and rich green climate. It is encircled by the alluring and striking Margalla slopes. Climate of the city is consistently wonderful and relieving.

Islamabad has previously captivated countless financial backers. That is the reason numerous new public and worldwide lodging social orders are created to give residing spots to new families and residents.Property for Rent

Pakistan workers agreeable lodging society Islamabad is closest to the new global air terminal. This is the explanation that PECHS is the most observable lodging society in the locale. Open doors for private and business exercises are most likely higher in this general public than other adjoining lodging plans.

Pakistan Representatives Agreeable Lodging Society Islamabad pools top of the line development methods and tech administrations of worldwide principles. The lodging plan comprises a wide range of comforts like water, power, streets, roads and so forth. Because of the good degree of underground water framework, individuals can utilise exhausts to draw out new water at their homes.

Pakistan Representatives Helpful Lodging Society PECHS is intended to facilitate the working class families with less or fixed pay, so they can likewise partake in the way of life of Islamabad.

PECHS Location

PECHS is arranged close to the New Islamabad Global Air terminal. Its primary section is from Fateh Jang Street close to the PAF Fazaia Lodging Society Tarnol. The other entry will be from Kashmir Roadway.

This entry will be the initial door for the k block of the general public. This lane will be a connection street which interfaces Kashmir Interstate to the Jinnah Road of Pakistan representatives helpful lodging society.

It is the closest society to the new Islamabad worldwide air terminal. Assessed distance of the Air terminal current door from its K block is just 1 KM.

PECHS is situated close to many new lodging social orders like Capital Brilliant city, top city 1, Blue world city, college town and ICHS. So adjoining the general public is additionally an unadulterated neighbourhood.

PECHS owner and developer

PECHS was immature by senior government officials working in Islamabad under the power and guidelines of ICT Islamabad however their advancement and it were delayed to work strategies.

Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J were begun by these officials. After that improvement of PECHS, a capital helpful lodging society was given in the hand of a Development Organization called Praise.

Praise is presently the designer of Pakistan workers lodging plan Islamabad. It is a confidential engineering firm working in participation with the general public. PECHS is the primary task of the Praise Organization. Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan is the proprietor of the organisation.

Additionally Laud is authorised to advertise plots on establishment to the public. When you pay your due portions to Praise, you can get your apportioning correspondence from PECHS Society in your title.

Laud has created K block in record time and the advancement Of M block is underway in quick speed. Advancement standards of Laud are viewed as better contrasted with Society’s own engineers in old created blocks.

PECHS noc and permission

Pakistan workers agreeable lodging society Islamabad is recorded under Rawalpindi Improvement Authority (RDA). It is additionally enrolled under the Enlistment centre Agreeable Lodging Social orders Division of Islamabad Capital Region (ICT) organisation.

The site was registered due to the following factors:

.Land is as of now, requires least cutting/filling.

.Close to the New Worldwide Air terminal.

.Simple course to the twin urban communities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

.Clean and bounty measure of underground drinking water.

.Connection to Motorway and Shahrah-e-Kashmir.Plots for Sale in Taj Residencia

Privileges people enjoy while living in PECHS

Here are probably the most noticeable honours that you can appreciate as an inhabitant of PECHS, Islamabad.

.Ideal place

.Streets and Foundation

.Tranquil Environmental factors

Instructive Offices

.Medical services Communities

.Public Vehicle

.Business Markets

.Productive Properties

.Open air regions

Prime Location

Arranged in an area that is fundamental to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the region of PECHS is reachable from any mark of the two urban communities, because of the numerous streets, lanes, and freeways that lead to and from it.

The four most famous freeways going across and through PECHS are Kashmir Parkway, Lahore to Rawalpindi Motorway street and Fantastic trunk street Rawalpindi. Other significant streets and regions lending added importance to the area incorporate new worldwide Air terminal, Fateh Jang, and Zero point.

Roads and Infrastructure

The general public has previously begun dealing with the framework and furthermore the absolute first step is to build a wide organisation of covered roads in the general public to join all regions of the general public.

These roads are recommended to work as 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 feet wide individually. Society has put down fibre optic wires, which is unmatched instead of provided by another General public or Lodging Authority.

Peaceful Surroundings

What compels living in PECHS Islamabad so quiet? Indeed, the response to this question can be found in the streets and rear entryways of the neighbourhood which stay to a great extent calm as the day progresses. The chuckling of children playing in the roads and occupants blaring their auto are the main commotions you’d regularly insight while living in this peaceful territory.


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