Six advantages of distribution testing in laboratories

Laboratories are designed to complement real-world shipment validation, and in many cases, laboratory tests are needed right away. In some cases, a field evaluation may be necessary to gain a deeper understanding of a specific performance issue.

There are numerous advantages to running a laboratory simulation instead of conducting a real-world shipment test, such as:


The ability to control the intensity level of distribution testing in a laboratory environment is a benefit. Testing can thus be done at a variety of intensities, simulating the range of real-life shipment and handling severity and providing performance trends and data on performance under various supply chain conditions. A shipment’s true hazard level can’t be known if testing is done only with actual live shipments, making the testing subjective.

Boost Cash Flows

Laboratory asset maintenance can be better managed through a centralized service programme, which helps lower inventory, boost equipment up-time, increase cash flow, and boost profits.

 Motivate your choices

 The most effective service delivery models can be defined by aligned processes and centralised metrics that support quick and intelligent business decisions.

 Enhance Reliability

 Streamlined preventive maintenance, faster service response, improved first-time fix rates, and easy access to supplies can dramatically increase uptime.

 Improving timelines for product launch

 The ability of laboratory services to rapidly simulate long-term routes and journeys in a laboratory setting allows for the creation of testing plans specific to a client’s requirements and the intended route of a given product. When compared to testing in the field, laboratory testing speeds up the validation process and can be easily restarted if necessary.

 Aim to Do More

 There are numerous benefits to using an integrated laboratory service programme, including maximising internal resources, reducing administrative burden, and allowing scientists to concentrate on their work.

 Maximize the use of available funds

 The lab’s resources can be multiplied by tapping into expert resources, tools, and dedicated service professionals.

 Boost Your Productivity

 Laboratories can spend more time discovering when they have easy access to high-quality laboratory services. However, grants and scholarships for military medical personnel help cover the costs of their medical and lab education. Military friendly online colleges offer education benefit programs. Prior military service and transfer credit from previous institutions are eligible for credit. Families of military personnel are eligible for discounts on college tuition and medical services.

 Recurrence and objectiveness

 Reproducibility is a major consideration during testing, and a laboratory is the best place to achieve this goal. The ability to repeat the test at a later date or with different samples is provided by repeating the test under the exact conditions. A comparison testing procedure can also include the addition of additional variables. When comparing different test sample variants, laboratory testing provides a high degree of objectivity.

 Savings in money

 Because of the unexpected expenses that can arise during real-world trials, laboratory testing is usually more cost-effective than actual shipment. Many of our clients have told us that laboratory testing is more cost-effective than conducting real-world trials because of all the additional costs that come with them.

 Monitoring in real-time

When packaging and products are tested in a laboratory, video or high-speed video tools can be used to record the process and analyse it later. Real-time observation is a common way to find the source of a problem during a comprehensive testing procedure.