Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

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The Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is now made public. What’s known so far regarding this DC game?

DC FanDome was an undoubted success, and has since caused the fans to go into a frenzy thanks to all the announcements of footage, announcements, and other details. A lot of amazing stuff was presented during the event and included the upcoming two DC video games that are each highly anticipated, one of which is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

The only thing fans received out of the experience was the teaser trailer, as well as some details from Rocksteady. It was still quite a bit, certainly enough to entice fans on to and maintain an interest until the launch.


DC fans will not need to wait long to see another DC video game, with Gotham Knights getting released sometime in 2021. However, there’s an extended to wait for the game.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is set for release in 2022, with the exact date yet to be determined. It doesn’t appear that COVID is going to alter the release date although it’s an extended waiting.

The 4 Playable Characters

With Suicide Squad, a.k.a Task Force X and having quite a few past of the show, there was plenty of possibilities for characters that fans could have fun with. In DC’s FanDome announced the 4 characters that are set to appear into Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

They are Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang. Four of them appear to be key characters in the forthcoming Suicide Squad film that is scheduled to release next year.

1-4 Player Co-Op

The four characters are suitable for all of the game, at least so the current version is accepted, and any one of them could be chosen to play for the majority of.

The player isn’t required to select only one character for specific assignments. At any point the player is able to switch between the four characters and the rest of the group playing as bots. There’s also an online co-op game that allows as many as four people are able to play as any character from the group.

Unique Movesets

One of the exciting aspects that players came to learn about the game, and that’s due to the four distinct characters the fact every one of the characters of this version of Task Force X has their distinctive weapons and moves.

This includes King Shark’s machete-like weapons, his massive leap, Harley’s bat Deadshot’s jetpack and guns and Captain Boomerang’s boomerang with a possibility of teleportation.

Tara Strong

Harley Quinn is a character who can’t possibly play the game. The most well-known character of Task Force X, Harley was the main character in the controversial 2015 Suicide Squad movie and will be a prominent character in the anticipated soft reboot in 2021.

Voice acting Harley on the screen won’t be the legendary Margot Robbie or the animation’s Kayley Cuoco. It’s Tara Strong, a phenomenal voice actress who has an amazing number of animated and video games credits under her credit.

Joe Seanoa (Samoa Joe)

King Shark is nowhere near the same level of fame in the same way as Harley Quinn, but he is a great character on his own and is one of the characters that will appear in the film 2021.

Although Harley Quinn will be voiced by a veteran voice actor, King Shark will be recorded by someone who’s main occupation isn’t acting, but professional wrestling. The King Shark can be played by great Samoa Joe, who fits the character well.

Open-World Metropolis

The setting for this game is the famous Metropolis, the home in the universe of Superman, Metropolis; it is among the most confirmed aspects of the game while other locales could be involved it appears that this is the primary setting.

Like Gotham was a real open part in The Batman Arkham series of games, Metropolis will be the identical for this game. Naturally, Metropolis has its very own distinct, lighter style.


In the context of Metropolis the city appears to have a huge skull-shaped vessel smack into the middle that is filled with violence, chaos and zombie-like creatures surrounding it.

Everything is part of the operation or under the ownership of Brainiac. There are numerous theories on the exact nature of what’s going on however it appears that Brainiac is a part of Superman and others under some kind of mind control. It could be the main antagonist in the game.

The Justice League Are Not Heroes

In terms of the Brainiac being able to control Superman as his master, it is to be pretty obvious to me that Justice League, or at the at the very least Superman is not a hero.

If it’s due to mind control, or simply being a cloneor victim of a different manipulative act, Superman is pretty evil when we see Superman during the movie. For proof that Superman is evil, just look at the scene in which Superman destroyed a pilot after helping him escape from a crashed helicopter. In addition it appears that he is the victim from The Suicide Squad, assigned by Amanda Waller as “Alpha Target.”


Perhaps the most important thing that fans know regarding this game and one that could influence many predictions as well as a lot of its story is the fact it is part of the Arkham-verse.

In contrast to Gotham Knights, which will be in a distinct universe from Batman Arkham games of old, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is part of the timeline and the universe. If it will pick from exactly where Arkham Knight left off chronologically is currently undetermined, however it will tie up certain story elements from the previous games.