The 9 Best Cast Iron Stovetop Griddles

The 9 Best Cast Iron Stovetop Griddles

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No mystery cast-iron cookware has its enthusiastic fans. From long-dealt with skillets to high-sided Dutch broilers, this old material is cherished for some reasons. Contrasted with other cookware materials, for example, hardened steel, cast iron has phenomenal intensity maintenance and warms equally, with no hot or cold spots, so the cook has more control and food prepares consistently.

Dissimilar to a skillet or a Dutch broiler, a cast-iron burner frying pan has no or exceptionally low sides, which makes it the ideal surface for flipping, singing, and sautéing inside. Since cast iron can likewise jump joyfully from the burner to the stove, and even to the outside barbecue, this is additionally one of the most adaptable bits of cookware for your kitchen.

The Master:

I’m a prepared gourmet expert, recipe designer, and food essayist for Insider, Munchery, Basically Recipes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve generally had a solid metal skillet or iron on my oven for the following pan fried food or hotcake hankering. As a deep rooted New Englander, I know that the most effective way to copy the smoky singe of an open air picnic in the profundities of winter is to keep an excellent indoor barbecue skillet close by. From long stretches of involving barbecues in different shapes, sizes, and plans, I understand what makes an extraordinary frying pan for the home cook, whether you’re searching for impeccably stamped steak or a gooey barbecued sandwich.

What to Consider While Looking for a Burner Iron

Size and Shape

The size of the best burner frying pan for you relies heavily on how much extra room you have, as well as what you intend to involve it for. In the event that you routinely fire up the barbecue to serve burgers to an eager games group, you’ll need something that traverses two burner burners, no less than 18 inches long and up to 28, contingent upon the profundity of your oven. Then again, on the off chance that you have insignificant extra room or generally cook for one to two individuals, a skillet-style frying pan or single-burner dish will get the job done.


I’ve included load as a vital spec for each burner frying pan underneath in light of the fact that you’ll need to focus on how weighty your skillet is assuming you intend to go with it or regularly move it around the kitchen. One of solid metal’s extraordinary elements is that it tends to be utilized wherever from an enlistment burner to a pit fire, so on the off chance that you intend to cook in numerous areas, a lighter frying pan will be more straightforward to ship. Nonetheless, cast iron is famously weighty, so on the off chance that you’re searching for a skillet on the lighter side, 10 pounds or less is a decent benchmark.

Number of Handles

For similar reasons nitty gritty above, having handles makes it more straightforward to move your iron. A large number of the burner irons beneath have two handles, however important at times, the handles might lessen the general cooking surface region.

Is It Reversible?

Many cast-iron skillets are reversible, with a level surface on one side and a furrowed barbecue style surface on the other. This is helpful on the off chance that you believe the choice should make fajitas on a level top or sear barbecue marks into burger patties on the opposite side. Note that more modest skillet-style burner frying pans frequently have only one cooking surface, generally furrowed. The edges give your food a pleasant bar-b-que look and assist with gathering fat and squeezes that can in any case keep your food from crisping up pleasantly.

best cast iron frying pans

How We Assessed

To find the best solid metal burner frying pans for each expertise level and cost, I thought about items across a scope of sizes, shapes, and brands. I put together my last determinations with respect to individual involvement in the frying pans, client surveys, and item specs to incorporate an iron for each sort of kitchen and cook. I’m a deep rooted Hotel cast iron fan, and have individual experience utilizing Misen, Le Creuset, and Staub items. During my testing and exploration, I gave specific consideration to the frying pan’s size, heat maintenance, movability, flexibility, and strength. The subsequent rundown incorporates believed premium name brands and financial plan agreeable choices that will squeeze into any home kitchen.

BEST All over Iron

Stop LDCRG Cast Iron Reversible Barbecue/Frying pan


Ergonomic handles

Key Specs

Aspects: 19.5 x 10.25 x 1 in.

Stove Safe: Yes

Weight: 10.10 lb.

It’s almost difficult to talk about cast iron cookware without referencing Hotel, so it’s nothing unexpected that the famous brand makes our most loved burner frying pan. This reversible model has smooth and furrowed sides, so you can throw fajita veggies or get lovely scheduled barbecue blemishes on steaks without an open air barbecue. The iron additionally has raised edges that forestall spills, however will not impede your spatula.

BEST Spending plan Iron

Victoria Rectangular Cast Iron Frying pan




Handles cut into cooking surface region

Key Specs

Aspects: 18.5 x 10 x 0.75 in.

Stove Safe: Yes

Weight: 9.80 lb.

Victoria makes a frying pan comparable in capability to the Hotel, at a more reasonable cost. This two-burner frying pan is reversible and has solid handles for transport. This frying pan is marginally more modest than the Hotel, yet offers a lot of room to barbecue up to six regular burgers and ranges two burners on a standard burner.

BEST FOR Movement

Ooni Cast Iron Grizzler Dish


Incorporates wooden trivet

Sensibly valued

Removable handle

Not enormous enough to take care of a group

Key Specs

Aspects: 12.2 x 6.3 x 1.1 in.

Broiler Safe: Yes

Weight: 5.51 lb.

In the event that you’re pressing for a RV or setting up camp outing, or you’re searching for an individual estimated iron, this minimal choice from Ooni is an extraordinary decision. The Grizzler Container accompanies a long solid metal handle that can be eliminated during cooking and reattached when now is the right time to pull your steak from the fire or stove. It’s intended to squeeze into an Ooni pizza broiler, so you can have confidence that this container will be fine at high temperatures.

BEST EXTRA-Huge Frying pan

Pit Supervisor 14×28 Cast Iron Frying pan

PIT Chief

Oversize cooking surface



May not fit on all ovens

Key Specs

Aspects: 32 x 14 x 1 in.

Stove Safe: Yes

Weight: 27.7 lb.

The Pit Supervisor 28-inch iron is made for huge families and incessant performers. Numerous clients like to transform their gas barbecue into a level top by putting the iron on top. This iron will fit on most indoor ovens too, yet make certain to gauge the distance between the edge of the burner and wall to ensure the handles will not distend, which can be a security danger. It offers an adequate cooking surface to set up various dinner parts on the double. The handles add an additional inch of length on one or the flip side, so make certain to quantify the inside of your barbecue to ensure it will fit. These handles likewise prove to be useful when now is the ideal time to move this rock solid skillet.


Misen Barbecue Dish


Handles for hanging stockpiling

High sides to forestall spills

Finish might chip or darken after some time

Key Specs

Aspects: 15 x 1.5 in.

Stove Safe: Yes

Weight: 6 lb.

This adorable indoor barbecue skillet is ideally suited for burning and singing inside without ruling your burner. It’s not difficult to store, and even serves as a cover for the Misen 7-quart Dutch Broiler. This container has a plated base that comes in five alluring varieties to match your kitchen tasteful, including French blue, red, and green.


Le Crueset Plated Cast Iron Mark Square Skillet Barbecue


Long and aide handles

Two pouring spouts

No level surface


Key Specs

Aspects: 13.9 x 15.1 x 2.6 in.

Broiler Safe: Yes

Weight: 7 lb.

Le Creuset’s plated barbecue dish looks perfect and is difficult to beat with regards to barbecuing inside. The hard core cast iron holds heat extraordinarily well to foster profound variety on burgers, paninis, and that’s just the beginning. The skillet likewise has profound edges and two pouring spouts to eliminate fat and squeezes that can impede your burn. A long handle and more limited partner handle give you uncommon command over the skillet as it goes all through the stove or barbecue.


Viking Culinary Cast Iron Frying pan


Channel around the edge gathers oil

Covers two oven burners

Can be challenging to store

Key Specs

Aspects: 20.87 x 11.22 x 2.17 in.

Stove Safe: Yes

Weight: 11.73 lb.

The Viking hard core barbecue skillet is enormous, in control, and solid. It’s the thickest frying pan on our rundown, with a width of more than two inches. This weight assists the container with holding heat for longer, so your food prepares all the more uniformly. It’s likewise reversible, with a smooth side and a furrowed side perfect for those mark barbecue marks. Two conveying handles make it simple to move the iron between your indoor oven and outside barbecue, however it’s bulkier and heavier to move than different choices.

BEST Frying pan WITH Top

Jean-Patrique Cast Alumium Frying pan Container


Two handles with glass cover

Lightweight aluminum

No level surface

Key Specs

Aspects: 1.77 x 13.39 x 10.63 in.

Stove safe: Yes

Weight: 3.08 lb.

This 12-inch round barbecue dish from Jean-Patrique accompanies a tight-fitting glass top that helps trap in intensity, scents, and smoke, a convenient stunt while you’re barbecuing inside. It’s produced using cast aluminum, which is a lighter cousin of solid metal that has comparative intensity maintenance capacities. The dish has profound edges to assist with depleting off fat and squeezes, as well as high sides that assist with keeping everything inside.


Staub Cast Iron Barbecue Dish


Two handles

Various variety choices

No level surface


Key Specs

Aspects: 13.9 x 15.1 x 2.6 in.

Broiler safe: Yes

Weight: 7 lb.

In the event that you’re significant about singing or paninis, this skillet is for you. The skillet and press both have profound barbecue style edges. The cast-iron press functions as a significant burden to boost contact between your food and the hot cast iron for an even burned outside. The skillet is intended for simple mobility with a little partner handle and a long handle.

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